Friday, 19 December 2014

Two big cocks!..........PHEASANTS I mean, honestly, what did you think I meant?!

Taking my lead from John at Going Gently, that's a title sure to push up the page views!

There were 3 free things that happened here today

Look away now if you are vegetarian or squeamish or don't agree with shooting.

 We were still sitting down after lunch when there was a knock on the door and our old friend from the village had brought us 2 brace of pheasants. His grandson had been beating for a shoot and had brought them over, but Roy had already been given some from a local shoot so he has passed them onto us. They needed getting into the freezer quick. A few minutes of yuckiness and that's made us 4 free meals.

 After several grey gloomy days and heavy rain last night, today we had lovely sunshine and two loads of washing were soon flapping on the line drying for free.Although I very rarely use the tumble dryer anyway, preferring to wait for a decent day and finish them off over the Rayburn

C hitched the tipping trailer to the tractor and brought it round to clear up all the stuff he has cut down over the last few days. We are looking nice and tidy for Christmas visitors.

Later C cut my hair - another free thing - and now I'm also tidy for Christmas!

Not much on TV again tonight so we'll get into Christmas mood by listening to Friday night is Music Night on Radio 2, which tonight is all sorts of Christmas music, poetry and prose. Last night we were treated to a special Take That performance on Jo Wiley's Radio 2 programme . Pity there is only 3 of them now but they still sounded good.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday.

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