Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Christmas Puzzle on a cheap Saturday.

A sharp frost this morning (which is only our second frost of the winter) with a thin layer of ice on the chickens water. But as the sun was shining from a blue sky it felt OK.

We got some more scrap-wood cut up and added to the heap and late morning I biked to the nearest village where they were having a Christmas Fair. Last weeks Christmas Fair in Knodishall was packed full of people but this week in Friston was much quieter mainly because there was almost nothing there. The people running it are all elderly and since we moved here the fair has shrunk each year. It doesn't help that almost half the houses in the village are second or holiday homes so stand empty at this time of year.

Did I spend anything ? I hear you all asking, after all this is supposed to be a blog about frugal and simple living.
Yes,  I'm afraid I spent £1.
 On this jigsaw puzzle, which I thought looked a good one to do as we've not done one for several years. I hope its all there, nothing worse than a jigsaw with one bit missing.

This afternoon I cut C's hair, saving several £s ( what does it cost for a mans haircut nowadays?) ; made some fairly cheap tomato soup( using our own tomatoes from the freezer, value carrots and our own onions, add a bit of tomato puree and flour for thickening ,pinch salt and sugar  and plenty of black pepper) and finished a brilliant library book - for free.

Eggs were collected and boxed up ready for sale tomorrow. We are now selling about 10 boxes a day ( down from 16 when we had more chickens) but things are much easier with less hens, less cleaning out, less littering, fewer bags of feed to shift etc.

Yesterday C untangled the out-door Christmas lights. They were rescued from my Dad's house when it was cleared out years ago. We haven't used them for a while. Since having the replacement plastic fascias there was nowhere to bang in nails to hang them on but now we have the new shed they have been fixed to it today to cheer up the garden in the December gloom.

Indoors, the first Christmas cards to arrive have been hung on a length of red ribbon which I had in my craft box so saving several £s compared to buying a special thing to hang them on.

So THAT'S how to have a frugal simple Saturday!

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