Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Stats Lie, Photos and Other Stuff

The other day when things were quiet I filled a post writing about the stats for my blog. Then yesterday I was searching for something I'd written last year and came across posts that had over a thousand views that were not listed in the 'All Time Highest Views' part of the stats page. So that  Famous quote about Lies, Lies  and Damned  Statistics ( I can't remember what it is without going to look in my Quotes book - someone will know!) is definitely right when it comes to Blog posts.

Yesterday C had to take the Jeep to the dealers in Ipswich for them to look at the tow bar because we had been sent a re-call notice about a possible problem. While he was there he got them to check the electrical system on their clever computer to see why we have a problem sometimes with the battery going flat for no reason. Anyway, as this was going to take an hour he dropped me off in the town to finish a bit of Christmas present shopping. I managed to find a blue shirt for Cs Dad at a sensible price and the other few odds and ends I needed, but By Golly the town was Heaving! and it was only the 2nd of December heavens knows what it will be like in a couple of weeks.
We called into Aldi on the way into town, that was packed too and trolleys of things waiting to go onto the shelves standing in the way making it almost impossible to look round properly and they had moved things around since last time we were there. I got in and out as quick as possible.

Thank you to whoever it was who mentioned on their blog how easy it is to get photos printed from a memory stick in Boots. Knowing I was going to be in Ipswich, which has the only Boots branch  with a photo shop, we transferred some of our favourite photos from the blog onto a stick and I went in expecting to have to ask for help but even this old computer illiterate person managed, and now after a gap of years I have some pictures to stick in the photo album. It's funny that there are dozens of pictures of our first two children born in 1980 and 81, holidays and the various places we lived but after our youngest came along in 87 and  we moved here in 92 there are gradually fewer and fewer until 2008 when photos in the album suddenly stop. So there is a picture of our youngest on her first day in the 6th Form in 2004 and then NOTHING until ones I have just printed taken when all our family were here in January this year. That's a 10 YEAR GAP! so thank heavens for blogging which has got me taking photos again.

I have a December job list now, it's very long and seems to involve lots of cooking/making/baking/freezing. I really need to get on with things but I've had 3 trips out in 3 days. Monday we went to get chicken feed and I took my overseas cards to the post office. Yesterday Ipswich and today my normal monthly shop at Tescos. Crafty b*****s, to make way for Christmas stuff in the smallish Saxmundham shop they've almost abandoned their value range. So if you want just normal day to day stuff -Tough. I wish we had called in at the big Tescos on the outskirts of Ipswich yesterday but by the time we had had the whole morning out in the drizzle we just wanted to get home and light the fire. To make matters worse I planned to get some voucher cards for my sister and sister in law in Tescos this morning but they had nothing under £25. Now much as I love my rellies £25 is a bit too much! Which means we now need to trek back to Ipswich to M&S or Debenhams or Next. Damn.

I think that's it for now.
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