Friday, 12 December 2014


Imagine my horror  the other night when I went on the library website to order a book, and found this

" ! A £1 charge will apply if an item is reserved from the joint Suffolk and Cambridgeshire(SPINE) catalogue."

Aaaaaagh I order dozens of books, how have they sneaked this in - from free to £1 - without telling us. PANIC! PANIC!

There was a FAQ page about this new joint venture with Cambridgeshire  Libraries but it didn't really explain anything so I emailed a message.

 Back came a reply. " If you live in Suffolk and order a book that's in Suffolk Libraries it is still free. You can now browse Cambridgeshire catalogue and if you order a book from that then a £1 charge applies"
PHEW what a relief!

Many Thanks for the comments about my very rough looking wreath - honestly it doesn't do to look closely!

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