Saturday, 27 December 2014

Loving Our Quiet Life

Other parts of the country had snow but we just got rain, a LOT of rain, non-stop 15 hours of rain and then more on and off all day. The chicken runs are lakes. Thank goodness the forecast is for better weather until the end of the year.

The house is more or less tidy, everything that came out of the dining room cupboard before Christmas has gone back in again. We are eating our way through the leftovers and that just leaves the decorations to come down sometime before New Year.

I easily resisted the opportunity to go shopping, both in the real and virtual worlds as there is nothing we need. Instead I've been dipping into books old and new, finding my desk in the craft room after things that were not needed in the living room were dumped on it and filling in my new diary with all the birthdays etc.

I am very happy with the quiet life we lead. It was lovely to have a house full of family but I couldn't do it often!


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