Friday, 26 December 2014

Hope you had a good day,we did.

Thank you for all the Christmas greetings on comments on 24th and I enjoyed reading everyone's Christmas posts over the last few days.

I think that Christmas day went well, it was all a bit of a blur - No, not too much alcohol, just very very busy. Cooking for 12 involves lots of juggling of dishes and pans, plates and jugs! All worth the effort as I've never seen so much food demolished so eagerly by all the family.
I think C caught us all mid-munch!

 We didn't get to Aldeburgh for a walk along the prom as it was well past 3pm, and beginning to drizzle by the time we left the dining table.

We had some lovely pressies. I have 7 Penny Pincher Letter Friends and we swap small presents, often home made, each year and because they are a total surprise they are fun to unwrap. There were also   presents all the way from Tiree and from the US - also penfriends, and also a good surprise. Then of course lovely gifts from all the family, often from our wishlists so always something really wanted. (The books below for me!). Our eldest, who always finds me something lovely gave me a beautiful Christmas table cloth amongst other things and there were things from my wish list from the other children.
Our lovely neighbour who says " I don't do presents!" always gives us both some money - which is a pretty good present as it often is the only money that I get all year that I feel I can do whatever I like with ( I'm sure there are words in the wrong order in that sentence!).
Amongst other things, C had a sundial from me and a rain gauge from our eldest, so has some jobs to do sorting out the best place outside for those. He secretly got me this beautiful hand turned Sycamore bowl.

 While the brilliant butter dish in the colours of my kitchen came from our friends.

Today me and C spent the morning washing dishes, saucepans, plates etc etc left from yesterday, putting things into the cupboard and getting the living room furniture back in its place. And thank goodness I hoovered up as  my sister, brother-in-law and nephew called in after walking on the coast!

This evening has turned much colder and snow may well have fallen in the west and north of the country. I doubt we will get much over here on the coast - we rarely do.

I hope your Christmas Day and Boxing day were everything you hoped for.

Did you see TV News with those nutters queueing at 3am for Boxing Day Sales? I'm glad I wasn't!

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