Friday, 5 December 2014

Thank you, plus cars and cats

Yesterday I re-did a post from last November and this resulted in lots of comments that made me laugh as everyone joined in the OTT Christmas discussion. Brilliant blogging fun. So thank you everyone especially Gill, Ilona, Trudie, Twiggy and Practically Penniless for cheering up a very grey dismal day.

 I'm told there are videos everywhere on You Tube etc of cats doing funny things.
 I will add a picture of Polly to the collection.
 The foot stool is not usually there but Polly found it handy for looking closely at the snooker balls.

We went to look at a car this morning.

At the moment we have one of these

It's a workhorse and has been used for the last 6 years to pull heavy trailers  and to drive across fields as well as going to do the shopping. It's built like a tank and easy to drive and you sit up quite high BUT it uses diesel like it's going out of fashion and it's almost at the top of the tax band.

Due to Cs Hardly-a-heart-attack we are not going to do haymaking on the two fields we rent, just our bit here. So we only really need something that will pull a small trailer and it would be good to have something that's only £30 a year to tax and did a lot more miles to the gallon. C studied t'internet and thought one of these
would be OK. There was one at the dealers in Leiston and we went and drove it up and down the road for a few miles.

The problem is, before the Jeep we had one of these, (with side windows), you sit up quite high and

actually have to climb up to get in. It was easy to drive and we kept it for years.
All this means it's about 20 years since we had an ordinary sort of car so the Ford Fusion felt very small and not all that comfortable to drive either. The Jeep has comfy leather seats, the Ford felt like sitting on a brick!

More thinking needed.

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