Sunday, 21 December 2014

Things can only get lighter

December 21st - The shortest day, from now on things get lighter and colder. The old weather saying " As the days lengthen so the cold strengthens" is usually right. The weather man on Countryfile said it's more likely to snow at Easter than Christmas, and I read somewhere about how few Christmases have actually been white since records began and it's not many at all, although I still like to send Christmas cards with snow on them.

Today the 3 largest vases/jugs I have, have been filled with a mixture of greenery from the garden. We are so lucky to have lots of different evergreens growing here ranging from Rosemary to huge conifers. As predicted, the berries have all gone from the Holly. The blackbirds that arrive from the North soon cleared the Pyracantha and Holly but they are not so keen on the Cotoneaster Lactis berries.

I've decided my favourite things about Christmas Season are

Decorating the Christmas Tree
Bringing in lots of greenery from the garden on the Solstice
Laying the Christmas dinner table

  While I was fiddling about in the dining room, getting out all the "best" stuff ( which was actually bought at a car boot sale for the bargain price of £10 about 7 or 8 years ago) and giving everything a wash or wipe,  C has been cleaning the conservatory. There were  black mouldy spots on some of the plastic roof struts. So doing it bit by bit with a sit down in between he has got round the whole lot and cleaned the window sills and hoovered up. Job well done. We are going to heat the conservatory on Christmas day and spread ourselves around as there just isn't room for 12 to sit in the living room.

Yesterday we delivered presents to Cs sister and their family. We went via Snape Maltings and called in at the Christmas Food and Drink festival. It was free to get in unlike the bigger version in September . There were several local producers there and we sampled a few bits but I always feel guilty trying lots of stuff with no intention of buying - silly I know. We did get a big bottle of local apple juice for Christmas dinner.

So Sundays jobs from the list have been done and I shall be back tomorrow after finishing the Monday job list.


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