Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Review of the year - looking back at 2014 in pictures

Like everyone else in blogland I'm looking back before jumping into the New Year.

So how was 2014 for us on the Simple Suffolk Smallholding.
Despite C seeing more of the hospital than we would have chosen, 2014 has gone by so quickly, we were very busy juggling so many different things; The Campsite, Growing for sale and for us, Chickens and Eggs, Haymaking, Cs odd jobbing.

We read dozens of books, visited car boot sales, sat in the sun now and again, cut wood to keep us warm, ate our own fruit and vegetables and generally lived a quiet and simple life.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from 2014

First violets of spring

Arrival of our new cats. Polly - friendly, Mabel - shy

My 59th Birthday

A reminder of some of the interesting things found at car boot sales this year
My new radio - saved for over 6 months

Our new garden shed, built from scratch by C and the shabby-chic ladder with plants

From a fruitful garden
Haymaking on our field
A free load of firewood
Family BBQ at the home of C's sister
5 Giant pumpkins
C after the Hardly a Heart Attack saying Thank you for all the good wishes from blogging friends
Free meals

Christmas dinner for 12

Thank you to everyone who reads and comments
Thank you to everyone who reads and doesn't comment!
Thank you to everyone who writes interesting blog posts for others to read
Thank you to people who give me ideas for books to read
Thank you for those who share recipes and crafting.

Back Next Year!


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