Monday, 29 December 2014

A Catching up Post

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So where have I been for the last day or two?

On Sunday we had a day out visiting Cs sister and brother-in-law. Everyone who was at our house on Christmas Day except our eldest and her other half who had already headed home to Surrey, were there plus our nephew and niece and their partners. The Logo Game competition was in progress when I took these pictures.

  It's a good job she has a large house. 16 people fitted into one room.
 Everyone ate too much yet again and we brought home some of the food we had taken so another lot of leftovers in the fridge!

This morning we had to go to Ipswich as C had a hospital appointment - a 3 month follow-up from the October heart "event". We didn't bother to go into the town centre for shopping, still nothing needed. So it just a quick stop at Aldi for milk and veg, hospital and home. The doctor at the hospital has changed some tablets yet again so hopefully C will lose the breathlessness that's been a problem since October.

I now hope we can stay at home for several days without visitors, without driving anywhere and without overeating.

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