Monday, 29 February 2016

Thrifty February? Ha Ha Ha!

Did I say somewhere that I intended not to spend much money in February? Who was I kidding! Of course I hadn't allowed for the small fact that we move house in less than 2 weeks time........ February has been very spendy.
I've picked out the few thrifty things I can think of from the last few weeks............and the small bits of  income.
  • We were gifted 2 pheasants which fed 3 for roast, 2 for curry and the cat for a couple of meals too
  • Col has lost weight so found a pair of jeans for him one size smaller from charity shop £4.50 (will look out for more)
  • £6.50 Tesco loyalty voucher used 
  • Used cheaper powdered milk for me as much as possible.
  • Free heat and hot water using wood
  • £46 income for selling 2 out of the 5 items we took to the auction rooms on the first Monday sale day
  • £23 income for selling 2 more out of the 5 things on the second Monday sale day
  • £40 into the paypal account for selling the old caravan chassis
  • £40 back rent owed to us for boat storage
  • £30 income for some bits of metal sold to a neighbour
  • Reading free library books
  • Avoided buying any snacks/drinks at hospital.
  • Craft Creations are stopping their quarterly magazine and as it was the only one I subscribed to, it will save me £12 a year but I will miss all the readers gallery of card ideas.
  • Home made bread.........until I packed my bread tins and baking stuff. 
  • Avoided buying any Stuff so the only non necessary spending was £1 on a bunch of daffodils and £2 on a bunch of tulips and 2 "necessary" books at £1 each
  • Council tax refund - already- from the District Council for the part of March after we move.
  • Home grown cooking apples from store, apricots from the freezer and leeks from the garden.

On the other hand still no news on benefit money for Col and the car cost us nearly £600 for cam belt, parts and servicing ( which normally Colin would do) plus of course I had to buy a new cooker for the bungalow = A Lot of money!  Then £40 to the Post Office for mail redirection. £25 extra on car insurance because we will be in town.Extra diesel for all the journeys to and fro and buying some different food to try and find tasty things for Col.

March will be even more expensive. Carpets, removal company, estate agent and solicitors fees and probably loads of other things we will find we need.  Oh dear.

News Flash.........News Flash.............
Possible worst case scenario on horizon - delay with exchange and completion due to our buyers bringing date forward but then not being able to organise the small mortgage they need for the date they said, so heavens know what happens now. Our removal company need a definite date which we can't give until exchange. Have already set up phone, mail redirection, electric, family help etc etc for the date agreed.
Oh heck, nervous breakdown imminent!!

Back Soon


  1. I feel your pain. Any chance of compensation from the buyers? Wishful thinking I guess.

  2. In one and and out the other then, can't be helped at least your extras helped, hope all goes to plan for you, take care xx

  3. Oh no Sue. How very annoying. I hope it's sorted out for you. Much as I would love to move house and be nearer to town I don't know if my nerves could stand it.
    Good luck with it all-x-

  4. That really annoys me, if they knew they needed a mortgage why wasn't it sorted earlier. We had this with the sail of a house, shortly followed by can you drop the price another £1000 as we've reached our maximum. Errm....let me think......NO. The estate agents are responsible for most of the misdemeanour's.

  5. Oh, C**p. How berlimin inconsiderate of them. No chance you have a clause that says they are responsible for any expenses you incur?

  6. Oh Sue - not for nothing do they say that moving house is one of the most stressful things to do. Hope it all falls into place shortly.

  7. I also feel your pain, Sue. Hope there is an improvement on the horizon. We know all about moving house issues!xx

  8. Oh My Goodness, I hope the buyers get their act together fast !
    Moving is such a stressful time.
    Sending lots of hugs to you both.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Oh dear, not good. As if you hadn't enough stress already! Hope something is worked out soon.

  10. It happens every time :-(

    Fingers crossed, if your solicitor can be very firm and hint at large compensation amount to cover all your expenses if the date is changed things might go back to the original plan.

    Considering you are moving house AND going through all the issues with Col's health I think your February spending is pretty reasonable.

  11. I've been catching up on your news Sue. I'm sorry to hear about Colin's illness, but was pleased to hear about the house sale- but not the problems associated with it! Fingers crossed tht all you are going through turns out well. x

  12. Hi Sue, I've just found your blog (can't believe I hadn't before) and I was sorry to read about Colin's illness, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a strong recovery. On an entirely frivolous note, I love the map at the top. I spent over a decade living and working around East Anglia and I loved it - the map brings back so many happy memories - delightful!

  13. Our experience with the removal company was that they were used to these upsets in dates. As long as you keep in touch they seem to be able to come up with a lorry when needed. I think you deserve to splurge on a treat in March!

  14. Last minute changes regarding a move can give you a fright, but having moved house more than 30 times in 41 years (about half as a child, and half as an adult) it always seems to work out in the end. By this time next month, the move will be behind you. I always, always play that game with myself when I'm stressed... I say, "Well, in xxx days, this will be over with." In no time, it is. Glad Col is finding some foods that appeal. Hang in there!

  15. hang in there. We hit a wobble ... but we got thru a few rough weeks and it is now all behind us.
    Hope yours gets quickly and smoothly sorted!
    Just to be IN the new place, and heave a sigh of relief.

  16. Hugs. I hope everything goes to your time schedule. Hugs

  17. Argh! Fingers crossed it gets sorted out, take care.

  18. I am keeping everything crossed for you both! Hope it all works out.

  19. Just caught up with your moving news it seems to have come round quick, I hope the delay dosent scupper your plans what a bummer

  20. Fingers crossed all will be well x

    Tip about work jeans. (though the last thing on your mind at the moment after reading the above)!

    Tesco have mens jeans 2 pairs for £10 or £6 for a single pair. My OH has always bought them for work - hes a builder and they are tough and last really well. (also smart enough for every day - then worn for work).

  21. No wonder moving is up there in the top 3 stressful life events. I do hope things soon settle down for you.

  22. Oh dear. Things never run smoothly. Let's hope they get it sorted soon.

  23. Hi Sue, we've just had similar problems with our move from the south up to the peak district. It went right to the wire in the end with our exchange finally taking place at 3pm last Friday and completion and move this Monday just gone. All very stressful so I really do sympathise. Good luck with it all.