Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The pretty blue car

So there I was, all by myself, driving a strange car between Ipswich and Knodishall at 11.30pm on Monday night

Why? I hear you ask

Well, it was all due to..................
Our car being in the garage for a new cam belt and the garage lending us a car so Col could get to hospital for his blood test.
Col being in hospital unexpectedly early because he had a nose bleed that wouldn't stop (Yuck - sorry but you did ask!)
A & E being jam-packed full of sick, injured and strange people each being accompanied by anything up to 5 - YES 5 people and Col having to wait for blood test results.

And finally it was decided that he should stay in hospital while I drove the neat snazzy bells and whistles pretty little blue car - no idea what make- home again.

Then yesterday afternoon I drove the same neat little car all the way back to Ipswich to take him all the stuff we forgot on Monday night, meet an estate agent boy at the bungalow so I could check measurements for carpets and cooker, arrange with huge complications how the carpet men would fit the carpets on the Friday before we move in (we have to sign an Undertaking?! collect key, return key and promise not to knock down any walls!). Finally driving home in the car which by now was no longer strange.

This morning I hope to take the pretty little blue car back to the garage and pick up our much bigger dark blue car.
Shame really, I shall miss its flashy bits like the green arrow telling me when to change gear and the mpg display that seem to go up and down at random.

Col is still stuck in hospital - it's all due to platelets apparently - or rather lack of same.

Ho Hum

Welcome to Lynn and Catrina who are new to following. Thank you for comments and I'm quite happy for people not to comment on the health things because I don't really like going on and on about them but without mentioning something I would be hard pressed to find anything to blog about.
Oh and apologies to English teachers who will cringe at my starting a post with 'so'!

Back Soon


  1. I hope the platelets soon sort themselves out.Poor Col having to stay in for longer.

    The little blue car sounds fun. It`s good that you can find things to smile about and enjoy in the middle of difficult times!

  2. I have a little red car, which I love, I don't often drive hubbies big car. Hope Col is home soon, you don't get much time to yourself, always busy.

  3. So I have noticed how lots of people who are being interviewed on the Radio will start their answer with that word. Once you notice it seems like everyone is doing it!
    Lisa x

  4. We swapped little black car for big white van yesterday, it was very odd indeed.

    Best wishes to you both.

  5. Take a look (Youtube)at the Graham Norton show with Miriam Margolyes and Will I AM in which she continually chastises him for using the word 'like' but not as a Verb! Hilarious even though its a little crude in places (her experiences in life) but extremely funny never the less. I have never openly laughed so much for a long long time.

  6. Start your sentences with what ever word you feel like using. Those who are critical will still find something even if you are grammatically correct. My best wishes to Col and I do hope that this move goes as swiftly and easily as a politicians promise.

  7. I've given up on feeling bad at starting my sentences with And, So and But ... if Mrs Simpson my old English teacher wants to get in touch (via seance) she can!! I used to cringe at myself but no more. At least I spell most words correctly if my fingers don't whirl across the keys faster than my brain tells them what they should be writing.

    I despair of there, they're and their being used incorrectly over and over and of course the wonderful your and you're .... there is so much more important things in life to worry about though, so I just grit my teeth and read on.

    I hope your car is all fixed and back on the road, but it's nice to drive something a little bit flashy and nippy every now and then isn't it.

  8. I love my little Honda Accord which is small compared to what hubby drives. Well done on your late night drive. I am not keen on driving after dark and coming into an empty house.

    You had me chuckling when you said "meet an estate agent boy at the bungalow" they all look to me like they are not old enough to be out of school!

    Best wishes that Colin is sorted quickly. Take care.

  9. I haven't commented here for a while but just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you and Col xx

  10. Just when you have enough to do, fate lobs in a different car! Well done for getting comfortable with it by the end of the day and having got all your objectives completed. Hope you then had a good rest before getting up to solider on. Bless.

  11. Can't drive, never will. You don't want Mr Tourette on the road in a car!

  12. I think you are brilliant, so many balls in the air.
    Good job Sue, I hope Col is soon well and home again.
    Thinking of you both.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  13. Glad you enjoyed 'the little blue car', our favourite was pale blue as well ! I always thought that you were not supposed to start a sentence with 'but' so I guess 'so' is alright !

  14. At least it was a neat LITTLE car you got to drive, and not a huge difficult-to-park one! I hate driving strange cars but that's just me being a wimp. I used to drive our big red Renault van no trouble at all, but it took some getting used to.

    I hope that Col's platelets get sorted out soon so he is able to come home and relax.

  15. Oh dear, life throws so much at you two Sue! You're a star for staying so cheerful, or sounding it at least!
    But every day in every way you're getting nearer and nearer to settling in to your cosy bungalow.
    Thinking of you both as ever X

  16. I'm glad you had a bit of fun in the little blue car! They do say good things come in small packages! X

  17. I love my little car. There is something quite adorable about little cars - whatever colour they are.

    If anything like that happens with Col in the future would you have to go through A&E again or could you ring the ward he usually goes to for treatment? At least you would miss out the hanging around bit. xx

  18. A&E is one of the most dreadful places. I remember taking Mum into Morriston A&E wee small hours of a Sunday morning and it was full of drunks. I was quite frightened, but because we were quiet, not demanding, and not drunk we got seen oh! so much more quickly.
    Hoping Col gets sorted out very, very soon. Bless you for being so cheerful through all this adversity.

  19. Platelets, hmmmm, something I'd never had anything to do with until doctors kept telling our daughter in the last weeks of her pregnancy last year that her platelet levels were dropping. I didn't realize they were such important things! Hope Col's levels go up.

  20. Isn't amazing how solicitors and estate agents can make moving house so complicated! Glad the little blue car was good for you, you can never tell with a strange car can you. xx

  21. I like the idea of the little green arrow, would have been useful when I first learned how to drive a standard. Now I have my little hybrid and will never go back to a " traditional" car.

  22. I don't comment much but I am thinking of you, with the upheaval of moving to manage as well as Col's treatment - good luck with it all! xxx

  23. I often start a sentence with 'So'. Sometimes it just feels right.

    So. Sounds like you have been incredibly busy. I'll be glad for you when you've moved and are closer to the hospital, at least it'll be less driving time for you. Even if you have had fun in The Little Blue Car!

    Thinking of you and Col. xx

  24. I Do love the new cars I get to drive when my car is at the garage... ;-)

  25. Best wishes to your Col and a hearty thank you for this charming anecdote. There was a certain comfort which exuded from the chaotic situation you described. I'm thankful. Next time my car is shopped or my son is sleeping over at the hospital I'll keep an eye out for my own version of a "little blue car."