Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The pretty blue car

So there I was, all by myself, driving a strange car between Ipswich and Knodishall at 11.30pm on Monday night

Why? I hear you ask

Well, it was all due to..................
Our car being in the garage for a new cam belt and the garage lending us a car so Col could get to hospital for his blood test.
Col being in hospital unexpectedly early because he had a nose bleed that wouldn't stop (Yuck - sorry but you did ask!)
A & E being jam-packed full of sick, injured and strange people each being accompanied by anything up to 5 - YES 5 people and Col having to wait for blood test results.

And finally it was decided that he should stay in hospital while I drove the neat snazzy bells and whistles pretty little blue car - no idea what make- home again.

Then yesterday afternoon I drove the same neat little car all the way back to Ipswich to take him all the stuff we forgot on Monday night, meet an estate agent boy at the bungalow so I could check measurements for carpets and cooker, arrange with huge complications how the carpet men would fit the carpets on the Friday before we move in (we have to sign an Undertaking?! collect key, return key and promise not to knock down any walls!). Finally driving home in the car which by now was no longer strange.

This morning I hope to take the pretty little blue car back to the garage and pick up our much bigger dark blue car.
Shame really, I shall miss its flashy bits like the green arrow telling me when to change gear and the mpg display that seem to go up and down at random.

Col is still stuck in hospital - it's all due to platelets apparently - or rather lack of same.

Ho Hum

Welcome to Lynn and Catrina who are new to following. Thank you for comments and I'm quite happy for people not to comment on the health things because I don't really like going on and on about them but without mentioning something I would be hard pressed to find anything to blog about.
Oh and apologies to English teachers who will cringe at my starting a post with 'so'!

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