Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday sentences

I was well chuffed to find that link to Hoots Mon worked yesterday, I wonder how I did it? This is a constant discussion here when I struggle to work something out on t'internet and then have no idea how to do the same thing again! "But you just did it" he says.

Had a text message to say I could pick Col up at 10 this morning so he is now safely home, fast asleep and will be able to have a good nights rest after 4  broken nights. 

Good rugby games yesterday, Dylan Hartley managed his first game as captain without getting himself into trouble - thank goodness.

I heard we have storm Imogen on the way, over the south of the country this time, I'm glad Northern England and Scotland are having a break from storms.

Welcome to Wendywu and Pamela  who are new followers

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments, Col will read them all when he wakes up

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