Friday, 19 February 2016

My very last visit to the library van and other 'lasts'

Today was my last visit to the library van. When I take my books back it will be to a bricks and mortar  library and I'll enjoy sharing pictures of it with you as it's in a very odd 1930s (?) building. I know where it is and what it looks like but have never been in there. With the novelty of having a library within a mile - for the first time since 1980- I  maybe there quite often.

Anyway, here is what came home with me today, when on earth I'll get time to read them is good question, just look at the size of the Robert Galbraith ( aka J K Rowling) and A Notable Woman - Diaries written between 1925 and 1986. Edited by Simon Garfield. Those two alone should keep me busy for a while.

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 Today I also cooked the last of the beetroot from the polytunnel and made the last lot of bread I shall bake in this house.
In between I've been packing boxes and beginning to run out of things to pack - and running out of boxes too. Col is still stuck in hospital suffering from low blood platelets, a possible infection, lack of sleep and grotty food. They need to get him really well ready for the next lot of chemo. I went to see him yesterday but won't go today as he has two other visitors "booked up".
Forms arrived from our solicitor this morning that need signing, both for selling and buying so things are moving along.

Welcome to D Voorhees - a new follower. Many thanks for comments about cars and good English.

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