Sunday, 28 February 2016

Eurovision winner.......I think not and other stuff

 I watched the rugby - Wales v France - on TV Friday night then turned over at half time to see how things were going in the 'choosing a song for Eurovision' programme. Just in time to hear which song had won. Oh My Goodness! If that was the best of the six then I can't imagine how bad the other 5 performers were! I've been watching Eurovision (overseas readers can see the history of this song contest here) forever, as it's just a year younger than me, but over the last few years it's turned into a hopeless cause and this year I think will be just as hopeless.

Sometimes getting out of hospital can be as difficult as getting in!
Col phoned Saturday morning to tell me I could pick him up about half past one but because the doctor who saw him in the morning forgot to order his medications and forgot to sign a  form, we thought we were going to be stuck there all afternoon, as it was we broke free at quarter past 3 thanks to the senior nurse who bent some rules and took his meds from the ward, I hope she doesn't get into trouble.
We got home in time to watch the England v Ireland game after stopping to get Col a KFC which was the only thing he fancied eating - weird - chemo really affects taste buds and appetite. I wonder what other things he'll have gone off this time. He tried some tinned mandarins and said they tasted like slimy mustard!!

This morning I've rustled up some scones and sausage rolls as Col's Dad and brother have decided they will come over and see us. I've un-packed some plates so we can offer them a Sunday tea as it's a bit of a trek for just a cuppa! We will see much more of relatives when we get into Ipswich (the hermit side of me is  not sure if this is good or bad!). Apart from Col's dad being able to call in on his way back from hospital visits with whoever has taken him, we will be only be 9 miles from Col's sister, and my sister has also seen the light and is moving from Norfolk back into Suffolk in a few weeks time and will only be about 18 miles away instead of 30+. (She is actually moving into the next village to Col's Dad and brother.) We will be nearer our son in Woolpit too. So it will just be our youngest daughter who will be further away from us and still the same long distance to our eldest and soon-to-be-grandchild in Surrey.

Thank you for lots of comments on the last post and to Dc at Frugal in Norfolk who gave me the link to block unwanted followers. Oana, who is new to commenting, told me the Sara Donati book is the 3rd in a series of 6 and she really enjoyed them.

Back in a day or two


  1. I remember that feeling - chemo and food! Everything tasted metallic for me. I used to eat fresh and tinned pineapple everyday, which apparently is good for you if you have cancer... not sure about that but at least I could taste it! I also know about hospitals as my dad nearly discharged himself if they didn't actually let him go when they did!

    Is it possible for you let me have the link please re unwanted followers........
    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Dc's comment with the link is on yesterdays post

    2. and I forgot to say yes, pineapple is one of the things that they suggest and Col says it always tastes like pineapple - which is good news

  2. Enjoy your family catchup, At least Col ate something, a little bit of what you fancy as they saying goes xx

  3. Eurovision......i would have better chance of winning if I farted the Welsh national anthem

  4. Eurovision. The only trouble is you have to watch just in case you miss something. Sad but true.
    The rugby was a bit lack lustre, but a win is a win.
    Glad to hear Col is home. Hope he manages to find something that won't taste strange. Sounds as if this changes every time he has treatment?

  5. Just catching up. Glad Col didn't have another bad reaction to the drugs xx Didn't watch Eurovision although I've heard the song and definitely don't watch rugby!

  6. Just catching up. Glad Col didn't have another bad reaction to the drugs xx Didn't watch Eurovision although I've heard the song and definitely don't watch rugby!

  7. We have had an awful lot of discussion on moving of late , its going to get to the stage where the half acre is beyond just me and the stairs are already a struggle for Mr , but sadly it now looks as if this wont happen as we wouldnt be allowed to take his son in view of his problems and we will end up being his carers for life or rather i will end up being both their carers .

  8. "the hermit side of me" I've developed one of those too since marrying 34 years ago. I love the quiet and the dark at night, but do sometimes think it would be nice to get to places more easily (one bus a day, two buses to get to a station). I hope you enjoy your new home and that there is a postive side to losing the hermitage!

  9. There where two entries that could be called "songs" - one of those was indeed the winner. THere was someterrible noises coming from other entries

  10. I just cannot be doing with Eurovision. I haven't watched it for years and get so fed up with seeing stuff about it on telly. Blurgh!

    Oh yes, getting out of hospital is frustrating at times. You really, really just want to get out of there, but there is always waiting for SOMETHING first!

    Hope Col enjoyed his KFC :O) x

  11. Good to hear that your extended family will be a bit nearer after your move.
    Col must have been very glad to get home after that long wait for the pills and paperwork.