Friday, 5 February 2016

Cheering up Friday

Phew, everything is back on track with Col's chemo. He rang me to say they had sorted him out and he should need picking up either Sunday night or Monday morning. They need to keep him in for a while after the two day treatment to make sure he is OK. I have to admit to being a bit worried and sleepless overnight and as he has 2 visitors lined up for today thought it best to stay at home rather than doing the 50 mile round trip again. I'll go early tomorrow and take the things he needs for his extra days.

When we went for the hospital blood test on Tuesday Col 'hovered' on the car park while I dashed along to Lakeland, which seems to be the only place to buy the tins of cheats marmalade nowadays. Got home and found I hadn't got enough sugar so called in to get some yesterday and made up the two batches of  marmalade this morning - one lemon and one orange and now all the preserving equipment can be packed into a box.

While in Tesco a bunch of their £1 daffodils flew into my trolley. I cut some of the variegated shrub we have - the one that's related to holly but without the prickles - and shoved them in the blue and white jug.
They really cheer up a grey day, and it's been dismal here today - grey and drizzley, cold and windy.

As it's Friday have I any frugal-type things to mention this week?
Just a few
  • Mended a hole in a pair of my leggings
  • Home made bread all week
  • Burning free wood all week
  • Avoided buying anything from charity shops etc
  • Free hair cuts for both of us
  • Got the hospital parking voucher for cancer patients so we can park 10 times for £3 instead of £1 an hour. 
  • Filled in forms to claim any benefits he will be entitled to
  • Made a very (and I mean Very!) small chicken stretch to make 4 + 2 + 2 soup meals.
More of Dickensian and Shetland tonight and 6 Nations Rugby starts tomorrow - look forward to watching, it doesn't seem a year since I said that.

Welcome to toni1nana, a new follower and thanks for so many comments yesterday.



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