Thursday, 4 February 2016

Stage 2

" Ring at 8.30am Thursday morning " they said, to check there is a bed available. Then  at 3pm Wednesday afternoon  we get a phone call to say " can you come in at 7pm tonight?" "Oh bother" we said as everything was ready for cooking  for youngest and her OH to come round to a roast chicken dinner! The hospital didn't actually do anything Wednesday night but just got him in early to make sure he had the bed.
Perhaps it's best not to make too many plans around the chemo dates. This time the chemotherapy treatment is 4 lots spread over 2 days, which is why he has to stay in hospital. He may be home late Friday night or sometime Saturday - hopefully in time to watch the start of the Six Nations Rugby.

To make up for their missed meal, this morning I delivered some chicken and bread sauce ( our youngest Loves bread sauce)  and the lemon meringue pie I'd made for dessert, to the opticians where she works. Which she and the others there found very funny! While I was out delivering I popped down to Aldeburgh to see the sea and peruse the charity shops, no photos - it was too cold to hang around and threatening rain too.

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