Thursday, 21 August 2014

What WAS that?

The backache turned into aching all over, horrible headaches and a tight cough which is not nice, now it's on it's way to going I hope, though I'm still feel hot or cold with no energy. Thank you for the 'feel better soon' wishes and I'm a bit worried as Mikemax has moved us to Sussex!

So better catch up on what's been happening here.

It really was the wrong few days to be feeling grotty as C was out working first at our neighbours on Monday and Tuesday then at his customer in Leiston ( which include lifting the greenhouse frame from here onto the trailer and then over the fence into her garden) and then typically the phone call came for him to bale the barley straw too. All that meant I was struggling up off the settee to answer the door  for the campsite AND over the last few days someone has been coming along early and buying almost all the veg all at once. That wouldn't matter as their money is as good as anyone's but it meant we had people coming to the door all morning asking if - A. had we had forgotten to put the vegetables out for sale? or B. were they too early for the veg? or C. were they too late for the veg?

I was surprised that C was able to get the greenhouse moved all in one piece( that was Sundays job) as it's been there for 20 years. There are just a few broken panes of glass which will need replacing. First he pressure washed it with the glass in, took the glass out, pressure washed again, used the angle grinder to cut through the bolts that were holding the base-plate down onto the concrete base and Hey Presto! one greenhouse to sell to his customer.
And of course he will get paid for fixing it at her house - And she didn't even know she needed a greenhouse until he suggested it!!

The old shed is ready to take down and the idea is to use a chainsaw where its standing to cut it into kindling sized bits ready for me to chop. This will be a bit noisy so we are waiting until the campsite goes quiet after Bank Holiday weekend. Then the two concrete bases to break up and shift, bring some soil around, sow grass seed and that will be another job done, with the outlook from the kitchen window much improved.

This morning he has had to go and load our 60 small bales on his own. Our farmer friend is baling a lot in big round bales to make life easier and the 150 small bales that C did for the farmer in return for getting the straw cheap will be collected by him. The barley straw is what we use for litter in the chicken sheds - it's more absorbent than wheat straw and cheaper than any alternative.

Right, I'm now going back to hot water bottles and blanket on the settee as typing this has worn me out - Poor Old Woman.

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