Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Warmer but very noisy

It seemed several degrees warmer today, the wind has dropped and there was blue sky between the clouds. So of course the farmers were out in force getting some more wheat harvested. For a couple of hours there was a combine two fields away, tractors and trailers collecting the grain and going up and down the track and backwards and forwards past the house. The ginormous big baler over to the right of us going gallumph, gallumph and they were picking up the bales with the weird picky-up trailer thingy and then taking them down the field and out past the house as well.
The peace and quiet of the countryside!

I have no idea what I've been doing today apart from  the ironing, the day seems to have whizzed by without any great achievements. I searched for and found the iron instruction booklet to do a self cleaning thing as it seems to have lost its hissiness. I hope next time I use it it doesn't deposit yucky scaly stuff all over the clean washing - time will tell.

Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting


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