Friday, 8 August 2014

Library Day already

4 weeks have gone by quickly and it was time to cycle down to Friston to meet the library van. One problem on the way - an irrigation system ( not the one C moves) was watering the field where they are growing turf, right by the road. I had no way of avoiding it because the wind was blowing quite strongly. I got soaked and then soaked again on the way back. The library lady had to dry all my books which were in bags on my bike, then she found me some carrier bags to wrap them in on the way home. I needed a complete change of clothes when I got in.
What fun!
Anyway, here are my books

I'm going to try Derek Tangye's Cornish books again, I have tried them before and didn't get on with them. There are several crime fiction mostly by authors I've read before, a couple of cookery books to browse and a  few ideas for reading taken from The Year in Books Link plus E.M Delafields 'Diary of a Provincial Lady' which has been around since the 1930s and is supposedly very funny, a friend recommended it.
A busy day with the campsite, 3 phone bookings, a caravan and 2 tents arriving and people  coming to ask if they could stay an extra day. We are full up tonight and something has gone wrong with our booking system next week because we have 7 people wanting an electric hook-up and only 6 hook-up points - Whoops! We shall link up the two tents that both want electric off one hook-up and hope that everyone doesn't put their kettles on at the same time.

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