Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wet morning, hot afternoon

Luckily the rain didn't really get going until after we had picked everything that was going out for sale, but by 9.30am we were having some really heavy downpours that went on until after 1o'clock. Then the sun came out and by the time I went around the field to collect the eggs is was sticky humid hot.

C got the big hay bales shifted to our friends field, and now we can be paid! We've already settled up the rent with the owners of the two fields, so we are just waiting for the bill for cutting and round baling. There will be a good profit when everything is sorted.  In a couple of weeks time we will get the call to bale the barley straw.

I said yesterday that we had no blackberries, it's not because we have no brambles - they are everywhere in the hedges. Its because instead of the flowers turning into plump juicy berries they are just small brown shriveled things with maybe just 1 tiny drupelet forming.

Welcome to 2 new followers in the Google Friends pictures and thank you to the 8 people who commented yesterday.

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