Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Up-right - mostly, and exciting news

It wasn't just a back ache or even just proper flu, it was both those  then  add in a kidney infection too ( I only have 1 so it needs looking after) plus a touch of Dash In A Real Rush, Hurry Or Else Accident!  That's such a good  mnemonic!
So I won't trouble you with the joys of getting the local  Out Of Hours health company ( playfully calling themselves Harmoni ?) to send me to their Out of hours doctor/nurse in Saxmundham (2 miles) to get a prescription. This involved them calling out an  ambulance with paramedics so They could phone them back to say yes I did need a prescription for antibiotics. Instead of just sending me there in the first place or.......... I could have chosen? to go to A & E in Ipswich ( 25 miles) instead !
So whichever you 'chose' they make you feel guilty for taking up the time of Very Important Emergency people who could be doing something more urgent, but don't let you do the most obvious thing.

2 days of antibiotics so far and I managed to remain upright for longer today.

I'm horizontal again now.

Poor C has been taking care of the campsite and chicken and egg things for a whole week and a bit.

Anyway the exciting news is our son M proposed at the weekend and his girlfriend R  accepted. So that's all three of our lot either planning( H & J in May 2015).  Sort-of planning ( A & B in 2016 probably! but they are always a bit vague about things ) or thinking about an actual wedding sometime.
 Heck, is that 3 posh frocks I need?

More thanks for the  get well soon wishes. I will not mention illness again...........I Hope.

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