Thursday, 14 August 2014

A tree fella

Sometimes C knows what jobs he's going to do when he gets up and sometimes, like today, he just suddenly decides on something completely different.
 So when I got back from a quick trip to Leiston he was just about to take the tractor onto the stubble field to pull down a few dead elms from our hedge boundary. He said it would be much easier to pull them onto the empty field rather than onto our land.  Fields are only left as stubble for a couple of days unlike years ago when they were left bare all winter. So he decided to get it done before they turned up to start cultivating and sowing.

 He then took the trailer round onto the field and loaded the trees with the tractor. They've been put up near our bonfire heap so that when we cut the trunks all the small twiggy bits can go straight onto the fire.
More free wood for winter and as it's dead we can use it straight away.

 We had thunder, lightening and pouring rain this afternoon, luckily I had got the washing in just after lunch and it was nice and dry. The rain has filled up all the water butts and given the runner beans a good watering. I thought it might have knocked some flowers off but they look OK. People keep asking us when we will have more runner beans for sale but they are really slow this year.

Everyone who said I would enjoy Diary of a Provincial Lady by E.M. Delafield were right. It is very funny despite the life of an upper middle class woman in the1930s being a whole world away from a simple Suffolk smallholder in 2014. A good fat book too, I think it will be added to my wish list as a book to keep.

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