Monday, 4 August 2014

4 days diaries in one post

I had better catch up on what's been happening here over the last few days.

 First job of everyday except Sundays is to pick, pack and put everything out for sale. I'm not sure which day this was, but everything is usually gone by midday.
On Friday I went to Mr Ts supermarket to use up a £3 off £30 voucher before it ran out, as usual no bargains. C was busy in and out twice to move the irrigation system down the road.Just after 11am the female part of a family - mum and 2 small daughters-who are staying on the campsite came to the house in their jim-jams to say they had put the shower on and there was no water, just a funny noise. So what a good thing we had bought an identical replacement last time we went to Ipswich. C was able to turn off the electric and water, unscrew, dismantle and replace and get it going for them to use in less than an hour. Now we need to buy another replacement next time we are at B&Q.

Overnight we had several huge storms which has cancelled out the irrigation work for several days.

 Saturday saw several arrivals onto the campsite and one non- arrival. A caravan was due in for a weeks stay and hasn't appeared. We've tried phoning - no reply, This doesn't happen often - thank goodness.
 It was cloudy first thing and we were able to do lots of weeding in the polytunnels and decided to get rid of the cucamelons. They are rampant, prolific but nasty! Imagine just eating the seeds and rind from a bitter cucumber and that's what  they taste like.
 Anyone want a packet of Cucamelon seeds?

Sunday = car boot day of course. C found some bits and pieces, wall brackets and sliding bolts for 50p each and a roll of electric cable for £2
I found these

 2 more new tea towels for 50p each. Wooden freestanding towel rail for £10; A brand new Next hat,scarf and glove set for £2 ( this will be a Christmas gift - it's OK they don't read the blog). The books are brand new and are on the subject of WW2 Archaeology along the Suffolk Coast. I'm sure our son won't have seen these yet and they could be helpful for him for his new job. There are 4 in the set but the man only had 2,3 and 4, he said he hoped to get the 1st one soon.

C went and saw a man to get a better heavy duty hitch for his trailer so that he/we will be able to shift the big round bales for the bloke who has bought them. We thought he would collect them but he has offered to pay a bit extra if we move them to where they have to go. It's only a couple of miles away so not too much time will be taken up to get them sorted ( she says hopefully, although from experience things involving tractors always take longer than expected).

Today C went off early to drive the jeep up and down the dual carriageway to warm it up ready for it's MOT at the garage and Hooray it passed, including the emissions test, so that's done for another year.  He was then  working at our neighbours, fitting the hitch on the trailer and grass cutting.

For me it was just a normal bread baking and housework day.

Late this afternoon I had another delivery from Approved Foods I think I've got the hang of the AF saving money thing, after dissing it in THIS POST. I've now got quite into stocking up on a big scale, trying to buy enough of something when its cheap so that I never need to pay full price. Todays order included egg noodles to have with stir fry Chinesey things and more bread flour. I've run out of cupboard space so I'm using a big plastic Really Useful Box (which is now empty thanks to the doing the carboot sale.) We bought 2 several years ago when we thought we were moving house and although we didn't move they've still been Really Useful!

We will be joining in with the Lights Out Event marking the commemoration of the start of WW1. It starts at 10pm and as I'm usually in bed by then with the lights out it will be easy to take part!

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