Tuesday, 12 August 2014

How many more windy days?

This is the 4th day with quite strong winds, they've not done any damage except to the runner beans which don't like windy weather and stop growing, and a few pears knocked off the trees, but I've picked them up and cooked them. The wind hasn't stopped the Climbing Green beans which are coming towards the end now, by that I mean 5 bags out for sale every day instead of 7 or 8. They really have been a wonderfully prolific crop to grow for sale.

Here's what was on the stand this morning
1 bunch of beetroot
2 bags of onions
5 bags of tomatoes
5 bags of green beans
1 bag of runner beans
1 mini cucumber
1 normal cucumber
3 bags of red peppers
1 bag of courgettes
1 marrow
1 bag of chili peppers
2 bags of aubergines
2 cauliflowers
and not forgetting 16 boxes of 6 eggs

C was working at our neighbours again this morning and after a couple of indoor jobs I made a start on pruning the summer raspberries. I got the row in the garden finished so just the two long rows in the fruit cage left to do. I find this quite a satisfying job each year as it has a proper end ( unlike weeding) and I can see where I've been and it doesn't need doing again for a whole year ( unlike weeding!)
All nice and tidy, this years fruiting canes removed and all new growth put between the wires

We had another 'No Show' on the campsite yesterday. A family of 2 adults and 3 children emailed back in June and booked for a tent pitch for 3 nights. Did they forget? Was it the weather put them off? Was somebody ill? It would be really good to know. That's the 3rd lot who haven't turned up in the last 3 weeks. Quite annoying, although I've given up worrying about it. We have a caravan, a motor-home and a tent booked to arrive today.

Thank you to Julee, Claire, Jean, Kev, Chickpea, Dawn, Morgan, Vee, Cro and Knitbakecultivate, Sue and Sadie for  comments about blogging and swimming.
I was quite surprised to find that I wasn't 'stiff as a board' this morning, obviously didn't do enough! or maybe shifting hay bales uses the same muscles as swimming?

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