Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Moving hay

 16 big round bales of hay, from the field at Saxmundham  have been moved to their new home this morning.
 17 big round bales of hay, from the field up the road have gone to the same place this afternoon which just leaves 10  to be shifted tomorrow.

I had to drive the jeep and trailer to and from Saxmundham this morning so that C could take the tractor  there and back but as he's only up the road I wasn't needed this afternoon and I spent some time putting some more of the huge tomatoes into the freezer and did a bit more housework.

I see Ilona at Life after Money has a lovely picture of blackberries and someone at the car boot last Sunday had lots for sale, yet around our field where we have plenty of brambles that were covered in flowers, there are NO blackberries - and this is for the second year running. I may have to get on my bike and see where I can find some. Tonight while I was searching for a wasps nest I came across a small pile of hazelnut shells, so the dratted squirrels are after them already. The shells were under the walnut tree, they'll probably have them for dessert!

Kev at An English Homestead has asked everyone a question.

What book changed you most?

I thought I knew the answer to that one - John Seymour's Complete Self Sufficiency, but then I thought again and now I'm not sure. Did it change me? or was I already heading in that direction? What about the Magazine called Practical Self Sufficiency that appeared about the same time or maybe Hovel in the Hills and Garden in the Hills by Elizabeth West. I wanted to live somewhere quiet and remote  and grow our own fruit and veg but then we had 3 children so it wasn't practical to be halfway up a mountain and we eventually ended up here (NOT quiet - the B* great big combine was running on the fields around our plot until midnight last night! and combining and baling nearby all day today) Or maybe it was even earlier - Arthur Ransom's Swallows and Amazons, that's about being self sufficient and doing things for yourself too.
So I give up - no idea is the answer to the question.

Has anyone else heard the dire weather warnings for the weekend or is it just for here? Hail and gales have been forecast,the tail end of a hurricane  we've been told and we have 5 caravans and 2 tents booked in. Oh dear.

Thanks to everyone for comments yesterday.
This is post number 480, twenty to go until my giveaway.......counting down.........

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