Saturday, 2 August 2014

A Year in Books Link July/August

The regular link up with Laura at Circle of Pine Trees for the year in books, where lots of bloggers are sharing their enjoyment of books and reading each month.

 The books brought home from the Library van in July were these

From left to right
Which People's War = Published by the Oxford University Press, which should have told me that this was a heavy weight scholarly book, not something for evening reading.
How To Profit From Car Boot Sales = I borrowed this just to have a quick look at, only useful for regular booters.
The Shroud Maker = Modern crime fiction, latest in a series by this author, set in 'Tradmouth' which is really Dartmouth.
Skipping to School = Memories of a Liverpool Girlhood 1937 - 1948. I haven't started this yet but it looks good.
The Cleverness of Ladies = This is from a collection of books called Quick Reads. Well known Authors have written small short books presumably for people to dip into to try a new author. This one by Alexander McCall Smith has some short stories about The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency. As it says- a Quick Read.
Denial Of Murder = The latest modern crime fiction by this author.
Casting The Net = The second in a series by Pam Rhodes. Quite light fiction about a young curate, the village and congregation of the church.
Working Class Wives = First published in 1939 by the Women's Health Enquiry Committee and reprinted with an updated introduction in 1981. This looked at how things were for women in the 1930s before the war, NHS and when women often had a baby every year. Unemployment was high, incomes were low and bread and jam was the norm for two or three meals every day. You end up thinking how lucky we are!
The Crowded Grave= Crime set in France, 4th in a series by this Author. I haven't read this yet.
We Can Take It = I'm ploughing through this. It's the one I mentioned the other day and it looks at how the memories of WW2 continue to affect life now. Comparing how memories of the war were created through films and books between then and now.
I also read a couple that were left from Junes Library Book haul. 'Falling Angels' by Tracy Chevalier, looks at the years just after Queen Victoria's death mainly through the eyes of two girls from different families. Touching on the suffragette movement and attitudes to death.
'Summer at the lake' by Erica James is light fiction  set mostly on Lake Como.

August library van due next Friday, hopefully with some more good reading plus the two left from this month.

Welcome to new readers, new followers and thanks to everyone for comments yesterday. I'm glad no one else wants high drama from my blog.

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