Friday, 15 August 2014

Chicken feed

Our chickens are fed  layers pellets ad lib but to get them out of the way when we are collecting eggs or filling up water troughs a scoop of wheat is really useful. They soon associate the appearance of a person with some wheat chucked in which is handy if they get out and you need to get them back in again.
Last year wheat prices were high, we bought some off a friend who was giving up chicken keeping and paid £180 for 32 sacks- and that was cheaper than the feed mill. This year the feed mill have wheat at about £8 for 25kg but luckily C spotted a farmer selling some on ebay for £3 a sack and went off today to collect 20 sacks.The price has dropped so much that some farmers may not bother to combine it especially if the weather doesn't improve.

While he was out I spent a couple of hours sorting out the onions which have been drying on the floor of the of the greenhouse. I rubbed the skins and dirt off and put the good ones into net bags to hang in the shed. The ones that look doubtful will be used by us or sold to be used straight away. It's a poor quality crop this year but if the decent ones keep alright we may have enough until the end of the year. We've already sold enough to more than cover the cost of the sets.

How annoying is this:- We had a one year investment bond at a local Building Society finish at the end of July and decided to move the money into  ISAs at Barclays that was paying a slightly better rate. Then in the post this morning a letter from Barclays telling us that the they will be unable to continue that ISA at that rate after November so will be changing it to a lower rate of interest - No mention yet of how low.
Honestly, saving money is blinkin' hard work. Perhaps we should go out on a wild spending spree and blow the lot! on the other hand maybe NOT.

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 The copy of Diary Of A Provincial Lady that I have on loan from the library has 4 books in one volume ( Diary of a PL, The PL goes further, The PL in America and The PL in Wartime) and is the Virago edition of 2011. I'm trying to find out if the Persephone reprint that was out in April is just the first one or all 4. ( The fifth in the series PL in Russia is not included in many editions, don't know why)
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