Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The mystery of the missing post box?

Many, many thanks to everyone for good wishes yesterday. Very much appreciated. Him Outside is having a couple of days rest, then we shall see what he can or can't do and how long it takes before he gets the call to go to Papworth.

For years and years and years there was a post box at the end of our road - just half a mile away, suddenly this week it's gone, leaving a messy pile of rubble. 

I nabbed the postman this morning to ask him what had happened, but he just said it got demolished. By whom? Accidentally? On purpose? No too much mess. Aliens? The postman looked blank. So I asked if it was to be replaced, but it isn't going to be because it wasn't used much. I USED IT!
Now instead of quickly nipping down the road on my bike, I shall have to remember to take letters with me when I go out or cycle a mile and a bit down to Friston. That's progress!

While the rest of the country had thunderstorms and rain, here on the edge of Suffolk it stayed stubbornly dry until we had a tiny shower at 2pm and just a bit more at 2.30, you could see the spots drying as it hit the ground, it's done no good at all. I hope we get some more later tonight.
The chickens don't like this heat and the older ones have gone off lay which is a nuisance, leaving us a bit short of eggs to go out each day. I never thought I would say this but I'll be glad if the temperature drops by a few degrees.


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