Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Gooseberries,gooseberries and even more gooseberries.

We have quite a lot of gooseberry bushes, probably 22 I think. Some were here when we came - that makes them well over 20 years old, we added some more when we found that gooseberries sell well on the stall at the gate and then a few years ago we thought about moving and I took some cuttings to take with us and most grew, so  when we didn't move after all they were also planted and are now 4 years old and fruiting.
I started this years picking just under 2 weeks ago, but lots were not very big so I waited until today to really get going. People have been knocking at the door asking when they are going to be ready so I wasn't surprised when 24 punnets sold today( and 6 more delivered to a friend) as quickly as I could get them picked and sorted. The forecast is for rain tomorrow so we carried on picking until we had enough to put out tomorrow too.

Just a few gooseberries!
Picking gooseberries is not a bad occupation for a fine day. I've got an old milk crate that's got a carpet tile fixed to the bottom, so a comfy seat to sit on - much better than stooping, and I'm hidden behind the big old Bramley apple tree, so I can see everyone who stops to buy stuff and they can't see me until I shout "Hello" and make them jump a mile!
What a good income it is too.


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