Monday, 22 July 2013

Thankyou for good wishes and more book photos

Many thanks  for all the good wishes for Him Outsides day at hospital. He had to be in Ipswich at 8am so it was an early start. I was very brave and drove the car home after dropping him off (which sounds pathetic but I  learned to drive so long ago that there were no duel-carriage ways! and in the last 20 years have done very little driving except round about here on quiet country roads, although pulling a big trailer load of hay home from Saxmundham doesn't bother me at all!)
He got a work colleague who lives near the hospital to bring him home as he knew that driving up and back yet again would have got me in a dither. The news is not too good and he will need to go to the heart hospital at Papworth to have a stent fitted in the next 6 weeks, unfortunately Ipswich  hospitals department for doing this doesn't open until October and he needs it done before then. So instead of three quarters of an hour away he will be three and a half hours away! We shall have to see how he is once that's done and decide if we can carry on smallholding or not, although it is supposed to be a pretty good solution to artery problems.
Today we have found out what everyone else has been enjoying/suffering for the last two weeks as the weather here has been the hottest this year and no sea breeze. I spent half an hour picking raspberries when I got back from Ipswich and ended up feeling like a wet rag- yuck. Then this afternoon when I went up the field to collect the eggs I had to come in and stick my head under the cold tap! I thought "Oh This is what people inland have been complaining about".
 My penny pincher penfriend S. emailed to tell me she looks forward to my visit to the library van to see the photos of books that I borrow  as it gives her ideas for reading.
So specially for you S. Here is another one!
It was the subjects of this novel that got me interested - Nineteenth Century USA, Quakers, Quilts and slavery. I enjoyed it - another Good Book.
More books, this time all belonging to me and Him Outside ( mostly mine!)

When we had the new kitchen extension a couple of years ago the access to it went through the old bathroom. The third picture under the stairs was where our shower used to be. Now its all my book shelf corridor.


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