Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dumpster Diving ?

Welcome to several new followers over the last couple of weeks, I hope you enjoy my diary from a simple Suffolk smallholding.
I'm not averse to a bit of fishing in skips or bins or dumpster diving as they call it in the States. If we lived in a town I'd probably cruise around on my bike to see what I could find but as we are out in the sticks the only bins I see are the ones on the campsite.
We get campers to sort as much as possible for recycling although being on holiday not everyone can be bothered. Maybe they don't even bother at home - who knows?
I often pull out newspapers or magazines from the paper/ cardboard bin to read and have even found completely new and sealed packets of food occasionally.
Today I checked the glass bin and spotted these, I don't know what they had in them but they look as if they ought to be re-used. Of course! Tea-light holders! If I was arty I could paint them with flowers or something.

 This morning we had cloud and a bit of drizzley sea mist blowing in which nearly  put paid to the plan to get the last two rows of hay baled. Then after lunch we had a spell of sunshine and at 4pm just as I had 6 pages left to read of my book, Him Outside announced that we would go and get it done. It was a bit greener than he would have liked but as long as the person collecting it keeps it separate from the rest and uses it first it should be OK. Him Outside is in hospital on Monday for the angiogram  with at  least two days rest afterwards, so we wanted to get to the end of haymaking before then. I brought  home the trailer with the bale sledge on the back, Him Outside brought home the tractor and baler and just needs to go back tomorrow for the hay turner and then we can say Thank goodness it's over for another year.


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