Monday, 8 July 2013

Hooray for help to finish the path.

After nearly 8 months of climbing over rubble or using the temporary slab path to take us on a detour around the garden and then wondering how we would get it done after strenuous wheelbarrow work became a problem, THE PATH IS FINISHED! Many thanks were given to the people who helped and when one of our visitors on the campsite and his son-in-law offered to help too the job was soon done.

Now we just need to bring round some soil that we have in a heap on the field to fill the gap, as the new path didn't need to be as wide as the old one.

I'm worried that we have frightened away some frogs with something we did today.
This is an old stone sink that we found half buried here when we moved in all those years ago. At different times it has had herbs or heathers, but has been unused for a while waiting for the path to be done so that we could put it beside the path and fill it with water. We had a tiny pond that our youngest dug when she was about 10 and she's 25 now. It was gradually disappearing under a tree and impossible to clean out and we thought there was nothing in it except pond weed and sludge, so I filled the new sink pond, scooped out some water from the old pond to top it up and Him Outside
fished about in the sludge and much to our surprise found four frogs. We moved them to the new pond and they promptly hopped out and hid under the conifer! Oh dear, looks as if the new pond wasn't suitable accommodation for them, I hope they hop back in again, or we shall have to dig a new little pond for them somewhere else.


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