Saturday, 27 July 2013

It's raining it's pouring!

Saturday evening and just back from visiting Him Outside who is still stuck in Ipswich Hospital waiting to be transferred. ( I didn't drive, but got a lift with our youngest and her other half).
 But the real news is that we have rain, lovely refreshing rain, rain running off the roofs and filling the water butts, rain watering all the runner beans that I haven't been able to do often, lovely rain making the courgettes grow bigger, rain that we have been waiting for for weeks and weeks. Never thought I would be so glad to see some rain.
We had fog rolling in off the sea this morning which made the garden cool enough for me to get the small mower out to do a bit of grass/weed cutting. The campsite will need doing soon, Him Outside tried to give me instructions for the ride on mower. I used to do the campsite years ago with a ride on but haven't used this new one, sounds complicated. I will let you know how I get on or I might just borrow our neighbours gardener and mower when he is over the road on Tuesday.


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