Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Another Library Book Finished

Many thanks for lovely comments on yesterdays blog. Pam,Fran,dreamer, Bridget,Karen and Dc all said the path and the mini pond looked good.
I'm really enjoying looking at other peoples blogs of places where they have been on holiday. Today I've 'visited' Banbury with Karen, and Glastonbury with Ilona and Kath. We did manage a holiday last September after 2 years without, but this year we shall stay at home and treat ourselves to an occasional Chinese take away, magazine or afternoon off instead.

 I've finished the library book that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It was written by May Smith who was 24 when war started and teaching at a primary school- a job she didn't seem to enjoy much.
She spent almost all her money on clothes, material for making clothes or hats and usually had to borrow from her parents to see her through until payday. Much of the book is about her friendship with the man who went on to become her husband and her trips to town for shopping and the fun they had at tennis club.  It is a completely different look at how things were in wartime compared to some others that I have read.
I was surprised at just how many wartime diaries I had when I collected them together for this photo

My favourite is 'Few eggs and no Oranges' by Vere Hodgson. I'm not sure if I will put the new one onto my wish list to look out for buying at some time. I enjoyed the read but maybe don't need to read it again.
With all my library books read and the Mobile Library not due until Friday, I'm re reading this, which is one of the books in the picture at the top of my blog.
If you've not come across it before it's worth a look.

We went to Framlingham this morning, mainly to go to the Milling Company for chicken feed, but also to drop in the two prints that we bought at the Antique fair last month to our friend P. who can be found every Tuesday morning at the Country Market. ( what were once called WI markets), he and his wife make jam,chutneys,cakes,cards woodturning and picture framing to sell at the market. We decided the prints didn't need new frames but just new glass the right size and then finishing off properly at the back. P is willing to take gooseberries for the work - barter is our best way of doing things!
Still loving this sunny weather and for once we are thankful to have a sea breeze keeping the temperatures down a bit compared to more inland areas. Tomorrow might be cloudy which will be handy as it has been too warm to get anything done in the polytunnels except watering.
Hay making is proceeding slowly with machinery breaking down or falling apart just at the wrong time, which is what happens when all you can afford is old second-hand stuff. Only the big farmers can afford the tens of thousands needed for new modern machinery.


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