Monday, 1 July 2013

Looking Back at June

Before I forget, must say welcome to 2 new followers recently, now up to 40, pretty good after just 3 months I'm told.
Looking back at June
  1. Oh dear, we spent more than we earned, mainly because of paying for a years pre-payment prescription card for Him Outside, the electric bill, ballast and cement for the path and the dreaded dentist( although campsite income is not counted in the above earnings)
  2. The electric bill money and dentist money were already put to one side so we didn't need to dip into savings.
  3. The income from campsite and Him Outsides cheque for the 2 months grass cutting at the second home have been tucked into the ISA for the winter.
  4. We have STRAWBERRIES!
  5. Lots of things in the vegetable garden and poly tunnels are doing well, despite the cool weather.
  6. Him Outside has tested out the hospital service in Suffolk for the first time.
  7. Egg sales are still eggsellent!( Sorry, I must stop that awful pun every month) bringing an income of about one third of our total monthly requirements.
  8. We have started to sell gooseberries, strawberries, courgettes, cucumbers, early potatoes 
  9. Have put a small amount of broad beans and 4lb strawbs into the freezer.
  10. Thanks to the help from two ex-work friends, half the pathway at the back of the house is finished.
  11. Decided to make the effort to enter things in the local Flower and Produce show.
  12. Made 1 small cross stitch card, plus a small cross stitch Xmas decoration for the above show.
  13. Wrote a poem about A Village also for the above show.
  14. Had a wonderfully large pile of good books from the library van. 
  15. The raspberries are constantly covered by bees of various sorts and look to be very prolific
  16. Found some interesting and hopefully useful card crafting stuff from Car Boot sales
  17. Lots of lovely tennis to watch on TV with Andy M. winning Queens, just sad to see Rafa knocked out of Wimbledon so early.
  18. Him Outside was able to get the parts for doing the jeep brakes off ebay, and got them fixed- saving a fortune on garage bills.
Conclusion:- An odd sort of month, weird weather, weird health issues. But we got through.

Raspberries to look forward to in July


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