Thursday, 11 July 2013

Running out of water.

Despite the huge collection tanks we have, with hosepipes taking the water down to the garden, we are starting to run out of water.
Here is the water trail from shed to garden ( not the most exciting pictures I've ever taken!)

Rainwater collection at the back of the big shed

Through one of the chicken runs

Past the other shed and down the garden

All the way to the water butts by the polytunnels with a ballcock so they don't overflow
  So we need rain! But not just yet as we need to get some hay baled first. Although we are beginning to think the Gods are against us, Him Outside went out this morning to find the hay turner and the tractor had both got a flat tire overnight.With the problems we've already had with breakdowns it is lucky that we have had a longer than usual spell of dry weather.
There are people coming to help load and collect bales later this afternoon, so fingers crossed for no more breakdowns. Will the very old baler work without  a hitch ? We shall see.


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