Sunday, 28 July 2013

Good grief - Sunday already and another small Sunday soapbox that's bound to offend!

Firstly thank you to everyone for comments and good wishes yesterday and once again apologies for not replying to each one of you individually.
 I've taken your advice and when I took her eggs around I asked our  neighbour A if I could borrow her gardener on her ride on mower to do a quick dash around the campsite grass on Tuesday morning. So that job will be done.
I should have kept my big mouth shut (or my fingers off the keyboard!) last evening about the lovely rain. We had hardly any! GRRRRRRR. So today I had to connect up the hose and fill up all the water butts off the metered supply again so as to keep all the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers alive in the polytunnels.
What we did have was a very blustery night which woke me several times and today there has been a nice breeze but it is still too darn hot. I used to love hot weather so I think I must be getting old  as I've begun to moan about it.
I got the kitchen windows cleaned today which is something I've been wanting to do for a fortnight, then I put some more raspberries and some redcurrants into the freezer and did the ironing. I texted Him Outside to give him my regular update of what is happening here ( THANK HEAVENS for mobile phones and text messages) and he said I could have the rest of the day off! Very Funny- not.
I listened to the food programme at 12.30 on Radio 4 which was all about below the poverty line food blogs by  various people including Jack Munro ( agirlcalledjack) who is now doing a book of very frugal recipes. It was reading her blog several weeks ago that made me question my right to call this a frugal blog. But I decided to carry on as we ARE frugal but thankfully have never been below the poverty line. One of the things we avoid buying and then having to maintain or replace are gadgets. I have managed in the kitchen all my life with 'only' a food mixer and without all the other must-have gadgets that seem to fill the worktops in most peoples homes. And I definitely DON'T have a juicer. If God had wanted us to turn all our lovely variety of food into a liquid mess then he wouldn't have given us teeth! Apologies as that is bound to offend someone somewhere!


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