Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Change of plan - might have known.

Well Him Outside is still Him Stuck In Ipswich Hospital! He should go to Papworth tomorrow and should still be home Friday.( Big feature on Papworth on Look East - our local BBC TV. They have perfected an operation which removes blood clots from lungs. Previously usually fatal- clever stuff).
The grass on the campsite didn't get cut by our neighbours gardener because we had showers of rain from about 9.30 onwards. I dug into a patch of soil to see how far it's penetrated and it hasn't! Not enough to do any good again.
The motorhomes have decided to stay for another night and I came home from shopping to find 2 messages on the phone for people wanting to come this weekend, another person phoned and then I found an email too. We already had one booking in the diary, so that's the 5 caravans/motorhomes we are allowed - very good news for the income column.
I am often amused when people congratulate themselves on having two consecutive No-Spend days. I realised that including todays trip for milk and cheese I have only been to any sort of shop 6 times this month. That means 25 No Spend days!
Once again many thanks for comments left on the blog and I'm sorry once again for not replying to everyone. You are all Lovely People! I've also not had a chance to put any comments on anyones blogs for a day or two either. Hopefully I'll have more time soon.


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