Thursday, 25 July 2013

I didn't plan to write about Him Outside!

When I started this blog it was meant to be about our simple life here instead it has turned into a series of health bulletins!
Him Outside got carted off to hospital by ambulance again on Tuesday night after his chest pain came back while he was sitting resting and he had been advised to call 999 if he needed to use the angina spray pain while resting after the angiogram.
Now he is stuck in Ipswich hospital - labelled up as complete bed rest- until they can send him to Papworth for the stent. The coronary ward that he is on, were surprised that the angiogram outpatients dept. had sent him home Monday as the artery partial narrowing is quite severe. The worst news is that it could be 4-7 days in Ipswich. So he will be really fed up!
I got extremely brave and drove to and from Ipswich yesterday to see him and to take him more books. But I was a shaking wreck by the time I got home! - Very Pathetic I know!
Our youngest will go up today and he knows how madly busy I will be here on my own so won't expect me to go very often. I think he has 5 books to read so should be OK! Several of the people he used to work with live not too far from the hospital so will pop in and see him.
Meanwhile we have had a small shower of rain this morning though not enough to do any good, just enough to make the raspberries horrible to pick with the wet leaves. Still no storms. Sill hot and humid. Still BUSY so must go and pick and pack more stuff to sell.


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