Sunday, 14 July 2013

Craft storage solutions

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Does anyone know what has happened to Hard Up Hester- her blog seems to have suddenly stopped?  I enjoyed her cutting comments about the staff at the school she worked at!
Also someone left a comment on my blog one day and then removed it before I could read it - what's that all about?
We decided to pop up the road to the car boot sale this morning as we hadn't been for a few weeks. I've been looking for something to keep all my crafting coloured papers in, as at the moment they were all lumped together in one big box which meant sorting through the whole lot every time I wanted something.
I quite fancied one of these
But as they are hundreds of pounds each - maybe not!
Then today I spotted these two office drawer units. They both had wheels but Him Outside easily removed the wheels off one so that it could stand on top of the other one.
Best of all only £5 each - BARGAIN.
On top of the two x 3 drawer sets are 2 small thick-card little drawer sets, one pink, and one grey ( chopped off my picture). Also found this morning for 25p each ANOTHER BARGAIN!
I was eager to get home and sort my papers into different colours, put them in the drawers and get them labelled up. But first I had to have a shuffle round of desk and another cupboard as I wanted to fit these in right by the desk.
The other things we got today were a brand new set of basin taps for £3 to replace those on one of our wash basins that have been a bit dodgy for a year, a wooden tray for £1 (  to replace a rusting metal one chucked out for the scrap heap) and a couple more Beatrix Potter books to add to my collection for 50p each.
We were home again by 9.30 and I got busy moving things in the craft room while Him Outside cleaned up the strawberry bed which has now finished fruiting.
Yesterday I got a flan case out of the freezer to make a quiche but it had a big cracks right across. ( I batch bake 4 pastry cases at once and keep them in a big plastic box in the freezer - this one was at the bottom of the box and must have got squished) It was no good for quiche as the eggy mix would have run right out and underneath. Him Outside said " it's only a bit of pastry- chuck it out for the birds". WHAT says I - HORRIFIED at the idea.I'm supposed to be frugal-in-Suffolk!
 So today I made a lemon meringue pie and let the lemon mix set a bit more than usual before putting
it in the cracked pastry case. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
We had a herb omelet instead of quiche.


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