Friday, 2 October 2015

October - The first two days

Here we are sneaking into October and whisper it quietly but the weather is still good.

 Thank you for comments on the last post. I had no idea that  without a licence bats shouldn't be touched - even a dead one. We have loads of bats swooping around here most evenings, especially out on the campsite so I've not really considered them as anything special.
 Here's another bird photo - A Charm of Goldfinches. Up until this autumn we used to see them in ones or twos but suddenly they are here by the dozen

We've been walking, enjoying the sun and clearing more things outside and inside. Another bag of odds and ends went to the charity shop and all the things Col sold on Ebay have now been collected. I've also been chopping kindling and Col has been working for a neighbour.

 We went to Tesco for the main October shop and had a bit of luck because as I was looking at the Yorkshire Teabags, a lady looking at coffee beside me said that the teabags were half price over the road at Waitrose. I thanked her for the tip and after finishing at Tesco crossed the road and picked up my bargain saving. We regularly get a special offer leaflet through the door from the local independent hardware store and they had fat-balls for the birds at less than half price of the ones in Wyevale garden centre. A bucket of 50 should last at least until Christmas unless we really do get "the worst winter since 1963" like the newspapers are saying - I'll believe it when I see it! I've got plenty of salt for slippery paths because months ago when I last ordered from Approved Foods they had cooking salt at 5 x1kg bags for £1. I thought I'd share it round the family - but nobody wanted them, so I'm stuck with a cupboard full of salt!

 The library van comes twice this month so no shortage of reading matter -actually Never a shortage of reading matter in this house! Here is what I brought home today.
 Not a very good photo I'm afraid but I'm not trying again as the connection today is sooooooo slow that it's taken me nearly an hour to get these two photos onto the post! And people are complaining about slow connections of 2Mb  - if they had just .75Mb speed like we have here then they really would have something to moan about!

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