Thursday, 8 October 2015

Another thing for the hampers (and the cupboard)

Just occasionally, I see something with a yellow reduced sticker in Tescos that is actually worth buying.  Last month it was 4 mangoes at 50p each and thought a-ha - mango chutney.
 Ages since I made any, back in the days when Col went to the office in Ipswich and I got  a lift to town and the chance to look at proper market stalls where they often had mangoes at 4 for £1. Now they are £1 each or even more.
Straight home and fetched some jars in from the shed to wash and got the ingredients into the preserving pan.
An hour and a bit later and 6 and a half jars were made.
 The recipe is on my recipe page. This is a mild fruity recipe to make a contrast when it is served with curry unlike some I've seen which are hotter than the curry. If you wanted it hotter some chilies could be added.

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