Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Notes from my October diary

 I've not really done a proper diary post since the beginning of the month. Time to remedy that with notes on what we've been doing when we haven't been off gallivanting to the Lake District and Norfolk.

The middle poly-tunnel has had another good weeding - again. We have carrots and beetroot growing and swede leaves - they should be swedes but there's nothing under the soil! and can now add radishes to that harvesting list I did the other day.The runner bean canes have been taken down and stored away. I picked off a few of the remaining beans and brought them in to dry out. I wonder if we will be somewhere to sow them next year?

A family who were caravanning here in the summer asked if they could come back at half term so we swept out the loos, cleaned the spiders and daddy-long-legs out of the basins, turned the electric back on and Col cut the grass again, then we had another phone call so we also had  a motorhome in for 2 nights - all unexpected income is gratefully received.

When we sold secondhand farming books at Country Fairs we always took a trip down to Colchester every October for the big Save The Children book sale. We hadn't been for years but decided to pop down there this year to see if I could find any books off Furrowed Middlebrow's Blog WWII booklist. No luck on the list books but I managed to find a couple of books to add to my Home Front shelves. 'Jambusters' by Julie Summers and  'Don't panic, Britain Prepares  for Invasion' by Mark Rowe. These were £1 each. Col was also pleased as he found 3 canal books to add to his collection.

I've been reading every spare moment because it's library van day on Friday and the pile of to-be-read is still rather high.  The Norah Lofts book which was suggested to me in a comment had teeny print so is going back unread. Those that I have read have been added to the separate books page.

Apples are featuring large everyday because we are picking to put out for sale. Eating one for lunch and then Col has another helping of apple something for his desert after dinner. Apple crumble, apple pie and apple puffs so far. Thanks to Bovey Belle for lots more ideas HERE . We've also picked, wiped and wrapped in newspaper lots of the best cookers and stored them in a box in the shed.

The feature in the local paper brought us 3 viewings for the house with yet another couple very interested but with a property to sell before they can buy. We are thinking about taking the house off the open market and just waiting for whichever of the 3 couples comes up with the dosh first! It's not so good showing people around when everywhere is damp and grey and as it's getting late in the year we are might as well stay here for winter.

We've been cutting wood every now and again so the wood heap doesn't get too low and I've been chopping kindling and bagging it up.

 I made a double batch of Tomato and herb rolls after going to the freezer before dinner one evening and finding there were none left. I usually know when I'm running low - must do a freezer check to see if we are short of anything else.

The Christmas book has been retrieved  from the drawer and filled in with the few ideas I've had for presents. Once again it's Col's Dad and Brother that cause me the biggest headaches.  I've written a list of predicted spending and will aim to come in below.

Splashing out one whole pound I bought some fairy lights from Poundland and fixed them along the top of the dresser. It will cheer up the kitchen on winter afternoons. And as we didn't grow pumpkins this year due to Col not being well enough to prepare the field in May I splashed out another £2 on 2 small ones for display and to use later and yet another £1 went on a Pumpkin shaped tea-light holder from the charity shop. I'm blaming fellow Suffolk blogger Sadie for this mad extravagance! her photos of the lovely seasonal things she uses in her home have given me a new way at looking at our home  - ideas I hope to carry on with when we move.

Col has had a couple of trips to the doctors because a regular blood test ( a year since the heart 'event') showed up a possible problem that may need treating with yet more tablets. Good Grief - he'll be rattling!

And Finally
You've heard about people who are robbed by someone coming in through the back door when they are in another room, well after lunch yesterday I found £2.50 laying on the worktop just inside the back door. Who? Why?  That is the question.

Back Soon
PS Thanks for all the comments on the late October harvest - much appreciated 


  1. we found taking our house of the market for winter worked well, when it went back on we had several viewings and sold the previous winter we had left it on, people get used to seeing the same properties all the time and when its been there while they start to wonder what is wrong with it, I hope one of the viewings comes out tops for you its a horrible position to be in

  2. Well, that £2.50 is very random! Perhaps it was an apple buyer who didn't just want to leave the money. I hope that it wasn't someone who thought they had bought the whole house! xx

  3. Thanks for the link to Sadie's blog I will go and have a look, her Halloween pumpkin looked great.
    Always good to find some new books and at such bargain prices too.
    Really pleased to hear that the article in the paper has attracted some potential buyers.
    Lisa x

  4. That £2.50 is intriguiing, but better than losing it. Did someone buy something at the gate perhaps and not like to leave the money there? Friends in the village sell our eggs for us at their gate and no-one so far has ever stolen any.

  5. The rolls look and sound very tasty! How strange about the £2.50!

  6. Thanks for the mention Sue and I hope you enjoy trying the recipes. I shall put some more up later this week.

    Glad you are still finding edibles in your polytunnel. I must follow your example and take the last of the beans down (two lots done, one to go) and bring all the seed pods inside. I really MUST get my garlic in too, but first I have to cope with the massive growth of Nasturtiums romping towards that bit of the bed. Whilst they are so beautiful and flowering still, I am enjoying them (the bees are too).

    Enjoy your reading. Ours is due on 5th November, so I must try and finish my bedtime book from there.

  7. I wish I had a money fairy like that. The tomato and herb rolls look like a very tasty addition to a meal. Is there a recipe? X

    1. Yes, the recipe is on the separate Recipe page which is accessed at the top of the page. It's quite a long way down.

    2. Thank you, Sue. Sorry, my mistake not seeing it as I'm reading on my phone. X

  8. I'm sure one of the 3 potential parties will come up trumps and buy your property. You are probably right to take it off the market for winter and start with renewed enthusiasm in early spring if it hasn't gone by then, which I'm sure it will. I was thinking the same as Weaver in the Grass that someone who bought something at the gate had come to the house perhaps to ask for more of something? or enquire about the house after purchasing something........... you may never know!

  9. Oh, I wish I had a money fairy, too! From what I've read, swede leaves may be cooked and eaten as greens, so maybe you can harvest the leaves. Due to the drought (and now, my health issues), I haven't grown a garden; so all I am harvesting are pomegranates from my tree.

  10. Some nice honest person must have bought a bag of apples or maybe even picked a few more off the tree :-)

    Oh and on a completely, almost, different topic, did you know the going rate for the tooth fairy seems to be £5 a tooth, or so I've just been told by my eldest son, who had to leave it under the pillow for his youngest sons front tooth that fell out last week. I found myself counting my teeth after that phone call .... I have quite a lot of money in my mouth ;-)

  11. you are always so busy I feel worn out just reading all that you do. And ooh, those rolls. Yum!

    Thanks for the mention, I'm proud of you for the fairy lights! My work here is done ! ;o) xx

  12. Sadie is very inspirational isn't she. I've actually got a Halloween shelf this year thanks to her. We used to have a caravan but had to sell when Mark had a back injury at work. I think Thomas was about 2 years old. We loved those caravan hols. Hope the house sellsand that Colin gets his medication sorted out. Off to read a post or several now before bed. xx

  13. Sadie is very inspirational isn't she. I've actually got a Halloween shelf this year thanks to her. We used to have a caravan but had to sell when Mark had a back injury at work. I think Thomas was about 2 years old. We loved those caravan hols. Hope the house sellsand that Colin gets his medication sorted out. Off to read a post or several now before bed. xx

  14. Sadie made me get my Halloween bears out when I wasn't going to bother! I got that jam busters book on my kindle after watching home front on the telly. Totally forgotten until I read your post! Will make it my next read!