Saturday, 31 October 2015

Grey Sea, Library Book Photo, House and Health

Col had to go to the doctors again yesterday so I went too and then we went down to Aldeburgh to see the sea. The wind was blowing along the beach so some big waves were crashing onto the shingle, although it was fairly calm further out

The weather was dull so there isn't a lot of difference between sea and sky, just a hint that the sun is up there somewhere.

Biked down to the village for the library van, hardly any books waiting for me this time,
  good job I have four left from last time and plenty on the bookshelves, but Novembers visit will be the last until January so I spent a while searching Fantastic Fiction to see if any of my favourite authors had new books out, then perused Amazon for more ideas and ended up ordering another 12 books ( thank goodness it's free) some will be ready for me in November but I may have to wait a while for the new Bill Bryson - The Road To Little Dribbling ( Good title). My request was number 143! Although they do have 60 copies so I might get it to read in January.

There may be news on the house selling, although not before Christmas and on the health front Col has to see someone at hospital next week to be told what they will do next with the blood problems, he is being fast-tracked - Just In Case. He was fit and well for 56 years but for the last 2½ years bit's of him have been going wrong all over the place!

Many thanks to people who commented yesterday.Sorry I've not replied individually

Welcome to Jeanneke, a new follower. Glad to have you along.
It's no longer possible to click on the picture of new followers to see if they have a blog so if any new followers write a blog that they think I would find interesting please leave a comment.

Happy Halloween to all ghosts, witches, warlocks and other scarey beings, it still strikes me as odd how Halloween hardly existed before supermarkets!! Work that one out.

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