Saturday, 17 October 2015


When I was in hospital having our son M - on October 17th 1981 - our next door neighbour at the time - Nita- was in hospital having her son, he arrived a few hours earlier than M so had a birthday on the 16th.
 Our neighbour's eldest son was born in 1980 on April 16th, my birthday. Nita herself had her birthday on November 4th  and in 1987 our youngest daughter was born on............ yes you guessed - November 4th. Which is also Col's sisters birthday.
We have friends in Essex. He has his birthday on April 15th - the day before mine and  she has her birthday on November 1st, which is also the date of Col's brothers birthday.
I once heard this question years ago on a Radio 4 Numbers programme - " how many people - made up of your family and friends -  do you have to have in a room to have two people with the same birthday? You would think it would be 366, but they said it's only 16.
It's certainly right with our friends and family, but is it just coincidence?
I really need to know!

And a PS -  Happy Birthday son, poor old fella is 34 today.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your 'little boy'. My niece shares the same birthday as me but there are no others the same that I know of. X

  2. My eldest was born on my hubbys birthday and our wedding aniversery, my youngerst was born on hubbys cousins birthday, my cousin shares her birthday with my Mum and my cousin got married on my birthay

  3. The nearest I can get to this is that all my family were born between Jan 1st and April 11th. Means, in mercenary terms, lots of money spent on presents til then and then nothing for the rest of the year.

  4. My little sisters were born two years apart but on 5th March! Double birthday parties were GREAT! As in my mum always did two separate parties for them - I got to go to both!!

    1. My mother and aunt were also born on March 5--but they were twins, LOL. In our family, I was born Feb. 17, my sister on Sept. 17 and my niece on Oct. 17. I recently read that the most common birthday is Sept. 16. My daughter was born on the 15th and just missed it, and my sister, of course, was born on the 17th.

      I have a friend and 3 of the 4 children in her family were all born on May 31. All single births. Her brother couldn't wait and was born May 30. That might be a record of some kind!

  5. Son has birthday on 19th October and his three boys have birthdays in June and September all on the 19th.

  6. My grandmother has a daughter, a granddaughter and a great-granddaughter who share the same birthday and ten years ago we celebrated a 70th, a 50th and a 16th birthday on the same day, travelling to London from Yorkshire, Dorset and Shropshire.

  7. I share my birthday with my great nephew, my hubby shared his with one of his colleagues and my grandma. My best friend and my ex brother in law also have the same birthday, and hubby's niece was born on her Mum's 17th birthday.

  8. Happy birthday to your son. My maternal grandmother and a cousin share a birthday; my mother and one of her stepsons share a birthday, I share my birthday with a second cousin, my daughter shares her birthday with my uncle. One of my cousins has twin daughters and another cousin's 2 girls share a birthday four years apart.

  9. I read once that before birth control most family siblings where born around the same time of the month which is certainly correct in my family. My brother aged 71 24th December, my sister 60 21st February and me soon to be 59 23rd October. Birth control and inductions have changed all of this.

  10. I was born on my uncle's birthday. My eldest was born on my gran's birthday. My second child was born on my aunt's birthday. Third child missed my father in law's birthday by 3 days. My youngest was born on my mum's birthday - meaning we celebrated a 60th birthday and a 1st birthday the following year :D

  11. These are all the shared I can think of at the moment. My mom and my neighbour, my dad and my niece,myself and a nephew and a co-worker, plus a nephew the day after, my brother and a cousin, my stepson and nephew, my husband and a nephew, a stepson and my best friend' and to top it all off a stepson on Christmas Day, a nephew on New Years Day, a nephew on April Fools and my 50th was on September 11th 2001!!

  12. This is nothing to do with birthdays, but ages. My friend has married a man 14 years her junior. Her sister did the same, he was 14 years younger than her. My friend's daughter is married to a man 14 years older. My BIL is married to a woman 14 years his junior and his twin sister, my SIL, to her husband 14 years her senior. It seems 14 years is a recurring theme for our friends and family!

  13. Hubby, son and nephew share the same birth date in this family !

  14. My dad and his half sister share the same birthday.
    My son and daughter were born on the same day, in the same hospital five years apart and had different birth parents but through the wonderful act of adoption we all began one family.
    Lisa x