Friday, 30 October 2015

Lemon and lime marmalade, mystery solved and other stuff

One tin of cheats lemon  Mamade marmalade and the 4 limes I got for 10p each from Aldi several weeks ago made these.

 I covered the limes in water and cooked them for a couple of hours until they were soft. Then I cut the peel into small slivers and added them and the juice to the tin of mix. I used a pint of  the water that I'd cooked the limes in instead of  ¾ pint and then followed the rest of the instructions on the tin. It sets very quickly and smells delicious and it tastes pretty good too.

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There is a new Hugh FW  programme called 'War on waste' on Monday BBC1 at 9pm. It sounds much the same as has been on before - about the food thrown away because it doesn't fit the supermarkets strict veg descriptions. I just wish the supermarkets  would give us a choice, no one has ever asked me what length I want my parsnips! ( although we've not had a parsnip failure for a while so its several years since I bought any).
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 Thank you for suggestions about the mysterious appearance of £2.50 in our kitchen while we were on the living room. The mystery has been solved - it was payment for a small part for a lawnmower that Col had collected for a neighbour weeks ago, Col had forgotten that he hadn't been paid and the person guessed we were having lunch so just laid it on the worktop. What a boring solution! A money fairy would have been much more interesting :-)

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 I've been in the craft room doing a bit of card making, several on the theme of a ginger jar. Must find some new ideas for cards for men.

I've just been down and collected my books from the mobile library, haven't unpacked them yet so Library book photo tomorrow.

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  1. Good idea with the marmalade, I might do the same next time use the orange as a base and and some lemon and lime, then we have 3 fruits marmalade.
    I have marked Hugh's programme on my list of things to watch next week.

  2. I love the sound of the lemon and lime marmalade. I have just been catching up on posts, we have someone who is imagining where her furniture will go etc etc but her house isn't even on the market yet!! As you say it will be December soon and no one will want to move.

  3. I think Hugh is also taking about clothing. In the Radio Tomes, he is stood on 7 tons of clothing which ends up in land fill. Apparently that is how much clothing is thrown away, in the UK, every 10 minutes!

  4. I wouldn't sneeze at a visit from the money fairy, every now and then. I must get the telly on and set that program to record. I don't mind a bit of Huge Fairlessly Eatsitall. Mind you the last time I saw him on the telly he had slimmed down quite a lot.. I do like the sound of that marmalade, I must scrabble round the under stairs cupboard, I think that there is a tin of mamade lurking around.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the Hugh programme. I'm looking forward to trying to make marmalade when I've had chance to gather enough jars. X

  6. I believe it is not only the supermarkets that waste so much food. Households need to take a look at what they throw out too. It is a subject that can't be repeated often enough. Maybe someone somewhere will start asking themselves questions.
    I love your idea of adding limes to the marmalade.

  7. Our recycle bin was full today! It took 6 weeks and two Amazon boxes because we don't eat much processed food so hardly any packaging and I recycle jars and bottles into preserves from crops. Throw away clothes? - only material leaving this household in last 6 months is well used cleaning rags ex t shirts and pants! Rest is in recycle stash for patchwork!

  8. We don't eat marmalade, but when I do make it as gifts, I cheat and use Mamade too, and add something extra (ginger sometimes, or Whiskey, and occasionally crushed pineapple) to make it special. Saves all that faff of cutting up peel.

    I'll make sure I catch Hugh Fairly Whatamess's programs too. I usually agree with the stance he takes on things, especially waste.

  9. Love lime anything (especially Jelly Babies). Added to orange marmalade or on its own it is scrumptious.
    I usually make a marmalade of four fruits, orange, lemon grapefruit and apple which is quite popular.

  10. Glad you figured out the money! Shame that it wasn't a fairy though!! the marmalade sounds delicious! xx

  11. Ha ha - oh for a money fairy....wait, I think that is me and my wife in our house.

  12. I'm adding a link to a very interesting article that was in the Globe and Mail (Canadian Paper) a year ago. It speaks to what you were talking about regarding food waste and fruits and vegetables not being perfect specimens for the supermarkets. The only drawback I could see is that the co-op is quite expensive so the 'Misfits" are barely cheaper than our 'bargain stores'. Now if the bargain stores would do it that would be really good.

  13. Thanks for details regarding program. Packaging really annoys me its so overkill in many cases. I love lime marmalade, I'll have to see if I can get some limes.

  14. Not exactly about rejecting mis shaped veg, but, have you heard about the Real Junk Food Project?
    They are a network of 'pay as you feel' cafes which divert food destined for waste and create meals from it.
    There is one in Ipswich! -The Teapot - 'Based on The Real Junk food Project concept; pay as you feel cafe at McGintys & Sons, 15 Northgate Street, IP13BY. Open Tues - Sat from 9.30am - 2.00pm'
    I haven't been yet, but as soon as I'm next in Ipswich, I'm going to go. I think it is a great idea.
    Thanks for marmalade making suggestions!