Friday, 30 October 2015

Lemon and lime marmalade, mystery solved and other stuff

One tin of cheats lemon  Mamade marmalade and the 4 limes I got for 10p each from Aldi several weeks ago made these.

 I covered the limes in water and cooked them for a couple of hours until they were soft. Then I cut the peel into small slivers and added them and the juice to the tin of mix. I used a pint of  the water that I'd cooked the limes in instead of  ¾ pint and then followed the rest of the instructions on the tin. It sets very quickly and smells delicious and it tastes pretty good too.

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There is a new Hugh FW  programme called 'War on waste' on Monday BBC1 at 9pm. It sounds much the same as has been on before - about the food thrown away because it doesn't fit the supermarkets strict veg descriptions. I just wish the supermarkets  would give us a choice, no one has ever asked me what length I want my parsnips! ( although we've not had a parsnip failure for a while so its several years since I bought any).
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 Thank you for suggestions about the mysterious appearance of £2.50 in our kitchen while we were on the living room. The mystery has been solved - it was payment for a small part for a lawnmower that Col had collected for a neighbour weeks ago, Col had forgotten that he hadn't been paid and the person guessed we were having lunch so just laid it on the worktop. What a boring solution! A money fairy would have been much more interesting :-)

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 I've been in the craft room doing a bit of card making, several on the theme of a ginger jar. Must find some new ideas for cards for men.

I've just been down and collected my books from the mobile library, haven't unpacked them yet so Library book photo tomorrow.

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