Saturday, 24 October 2015

Something prickly

About 5 years ago we bought a small Sweet Chestnut tree from a local Nursery,and planted it in the corner of the campsite. It's about 6 feet tall now and this year it has it's first chestnuts........all 4 of them - but very small, not enough to go with the Brussels sprouts for Christmas dinner that's for sure.

We knew where we can find some more so we took a detour along a small back road and there were lots on the ground already.
A carrier bag full brought home, now they need shelling and cooking up before being popped in the freezer for Christmas.I'll need to search for the book that tells me how long to cook them for.

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I'm thinking that actually the copper pans were at Felbrigg and the volunteer with the standing-in-the-kitchen job told us that they are polished just once a year during the first weeks that the house is open in spring so that people visiting can watch them being polished.

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