Monday, 19 October 2015

Me in my baggy shorts in the newspaper

Several weeks ago I mentioned I had contacted a man who writes editorial pieces for the Thursday property section of the The East Anglian Daily Times our local regional daily paper to see if he would do a bit about our smallholding in the hope it would help with the sale. He called round one Saturday morning in September and chatted over a coffee and we had been expecting the piece to appear ever since.
Finally it was in last Thursdays edition......READ HERE  Go to page 27 

Wish I hadn't been wearing those baggy shorts!

I wonder if it will do any good for finding a buyer who is actually ready to proceed, so far the only people interested have had houses to sell and that means a long wait. Hey Ho........... it'll soon be Christmas - and nobody wants to move in December.

Thanks for the comments about birthday coincidences, seems we are not the only family with birthdays on the same day.

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