Thursday, 22 October 2015

Over the Border to Norfolk

We have had  a few days away in the caravan again and popped over the border into Norfolk, our aim being to visit a couple of big National Trust properties and get our moneys worth of the years membership within one month.
Once again we stayed on a small 5 van campsite like ours ( but again, not as nice!)

 We went to Blickling Hall above, and what about this for a kitchen below.

 Also went to Felbrigg Hall but didn't take photos there. After Felbrigg we went to the North Norfolk Coast. Here is Cromer Pier from down the coast at West Runton. We took Scouts and Cubs to camp here in about 1977 and spent several hours on the beach just here. Back then it had big shingle ridges which have now been completely washed away.Each year another part of the cliffs fall into the sea. Then Cromer Pier from much closer, where a lot of work is going on to protect the town from the sea.
 At the end of the pier is the Lifeboat Station

 Also had a day in Norwich, where the Royal Anglian Regiment were having a homecoming and freedom of the city parade. An amazing coincidence happened in Norwich. We we walking down a little lane beside Jarrolds Department store  and turned to look because we could hear someone knocking on a window. And there was my sister sitting in Jarrolds restaurant. She lives in South Norfolk and had driven into Norwich for an appointment.  She had no idea we were there but had just been reading my blog post on her phone, looked up and looked again and couldn't believe her eyes!What are the chances of her noticing us in a city amongst thousands of people! very spooky.

Blickling Hall and Felbrigg Hall both have secondhand bookshops but I found nothing of interest although Col picked up a book about railways for £1.
 We looked around charity shops wherever we went but all I found was this plate for £3. I recognised it straight away as someone from the States had one on their blog just a couple of weeks ago. It is part of The Friendly Village collection and they were made in England by Johnson Brothers mainly for sale in the States. This one - The Schoolhouse -will make a wonderful addition to my Christmas dresser display

That's the end of our holidays, we did both well within budget but now we must stay at home and get some gardening work done.

Thank you to everyone for all the comments about unwanted Charity freebies. I'm feeling quite left out because I've never had any pens etc from Cat's Protection! even though that's where our 2 cats come from.

Big Suffolk welcome to 2 more people following on Google -  Cheryl and Rambler.

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  1. How fantastic to have an unexpected meeting with your sister - what a special added extra to what looks like a smashing holiday. I shall be in Norfolk next week - your post has really whetted my appetite!

  2. Blickling remains on my "one day" list as we still haven't made it over there just yet! We shall be in Sheringham next week so I am hoping that the weather is decent and we have a few glimmers of sunshine - glad you had a good break xx

  3. My brother in law is retired, but works part time for the National Trust. He's a grounds keeper, "making it all be tidy for the tourists." If you see Tony tell him I said hello.

  4. What a brilliant story! Your sister reading your blog, discovers you are there and like magic, you are actually there!! That's a beautiful stained glass window. I've never had any pens from Cat's protection either!

  5. If you ever visit Brighton, the kitchen in the Royal Pavilion is amazing!

  6. Amazing coincidence to meet your sister.

  7. Love Blickling Hall and that kitchen- oh my!

  8. Oh, what a fabulous kitchen. I just LOVE the kitchens in period houses and always feel like I could move in (my golly gosh, they must have worked SO hard though, back in the day).

    What an amazing coincedence, meeting up with your sister like that.

    As for the beach, it makes you wonder just what it was like before all the erosion began - how far out to sea it would have gone. I hope Cromer can avoid the watery fate that Dunwich suffered, further down the coast.

    What a lovely Christmas plate - it brings to mind "Little Women" and new England and quilting bees.

    P.S. I agree with you about charities who send "bumf" like this, and just don't get my husband started on Oxfam . . . although he did buy a leather jacket in there recently (going against his normal mindset) as it was such good value.

  9. just gorgeous. And I love shopping in Norwich.
    Yes, how spooky for your sister to spot you like that! :O) x

  10. Coincidence can be amazing can't it Sue.

    The farmer and I have been to both those properties in Norfolk. All those copper pans must take some keeping clean.
    We sat on Cromer pier and I ate a crab sandwich - nothing like Cromer crab.

    Love the plate.

  11. Great kitchen wouldn't want to polish the copper pots, They must be worth a fortune now. Great to hear you're out enjoying yourselves and boing into family.

  12. I loved seeing your photos especially of the National Trust properties. Looks like you had a great time. I have a complete set of the Friendly Village dinnerware. My parents gave it to me in the early 90's and I still find pieces to match occasionally. It's my favorite dishes to use for fall and winter. Wishing you a great weekend.

  13. I don't fancy being the one who had to keep all that copper so sparklingly clean! Love a good nose around these old homes though.
    Seeing your sister in Norwich like that is an amazing coincidence.
    Lisa x

  14. Adore your plate! It would go well with my platter that is similar! How great that you met your sister like that, what are the chances hey! Glad for you that you had a good time away! xx

  15. We used to join English Heritage one year then National Trust the next , just to give a bit of variety , but now we are rather grounded due to Mr Bah Humbug being rather gimpy

  16. I camped at West Runton around 1977 as a guide! I remember getting up really early and going to a nearby beach to watch the fishermen. I love the kitchens at Blickling, haven't been there for years though. Glad you had a good trip.

  17. I was standing on the opposite side of the Walk watching the Royal Anglians that day, clapping. I visit your blog to keep up with Suffolk news, I hope you don't mind. Rachel